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Yesterday at the Playstation Experience, Capcom confirmed a rumor we had been anticipating all this week: a fourth Marvel vs Capcom is in development. Entitled Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, the game will feature Marvel’s heroes and villains once again squaring off against Capcom’s finest (among them being Mega Man X, Ryu, Iron Man,as in a series of 2 vs 2 tag team battles. The game will feature a cinematic story mode along with a series of single-player modes such as Arcade and Training mode. The game also features Unreal Engine 4 powered graphics and online multiplayer. From the looks of the gameplay trailer, the infinity stones will be making a return in a mechanic similar to 1995’s Marvel Super Heroes. One rumor I hops isn’t true but sadly wouldn’t be surprised if it was is that the game’s roster would only center around characters Marvel Studios has the rights to, meaning that any X-men and Fantastic Four related characters will be sitting this one out.

Even without X_men characters, I’m still stoked for this game and can’t wait to learn more about the game and speculate on potential cast members between now and it’s late 2017 release date. By the way, to help tide fans over, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom is available on the PS4 with all it’s DLC for $24.99. Xbox One and Steam releases are coming this spring.