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Rez HD and Ikaruga coming to XBLA

The Xbox 360 may not be doing too well in the land of the rising sun, but that didn’t stop Microsoft from making some killer announcements at the Tokyo Game Show. Besides the formal announcement of the exclusive Ninja Gaiden 2 (shock!) a handful of downloadable titles were announced for Xbox Live Arcade including Treasure’s critically acclaimed shooter Ikaruga and a new, high-definition version of Sega and United Game Artists’ Rez with full 5.1 audio! 1up has got the screenshots here, commence drooling!

Ninja Gaiden 2 BRINGS THE GORE!

Looks like the good folks at Xbox Japan slipped up an released some screen shots before the official announcement of Ninja Gaiden 2 for the Xbox 360. These shots were quickly taken down, but not before a mister bloke of NeoGAF took notice. More gory goodness after the jump.
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Artist Mike Wieringo Passes Away

                                                     Picture courtesy of Draw!

ff517.jpgEarlier today Newsarama broke the news that industry legend Mike Wieringo had passed away from a heart attack. Wieringo was probably best known for his runs on The Flash (where he co-created the character Impulse) and Fantastic Four, both with writer Mark Waid. Most recently he had just finished up a run on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man with Peter David and the miniseries Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four with Jeff Parker. Mike was regarded as one of the nicest, most humble guys in the business. He was only 44. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his friends and family.

For more details, please read the original Newsarama article here.
UPDATE: Newsarama has also added a few words from Mike’s friends and colleagues Mark Waid and Tom Dezago here.

The Week in Xbox

Itís been a big week for Microsoftís Xbox 360 console. Between all the price drops, new models, and updates it may be difficult to keep track of all thatís happening in the world of Xbox. Thatís why we at Powet have put together this Xbox 360 Week in Review to keep you guys up-to-date on everybodyís favorite concave & rectangular next-generation gaming device.

Read on for more.
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Wii firmware updated to 3.0U: TIME GET!

Yes ladies and gentlemen the Wii finally gets another firmware update today, bringing the system up to 3.0U. The primary accomplishments of this update? A fairly major overhaul to the Wii Shop Channel and a clock on the main screen. Hey it’s not exactly loading games off an SD card, but we’ll take what we can get. For anyone curious about the Wii’s new abilities, we’ve got the full list of known changes after the jump.

(Thanks to NeoGAF poster EphemeralDream)
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Keyboard & mouse support for Unreal Tournament 3 on Playstation 3: Confirmed!

Gamers have long been demanding keyboard and mouse support for first-person shooters on the next-gen consoles. Today Epic Vice President Mark Rein made a rather epic announcement on the company’s official message board:


I checked with Steve Polge and he said that YES we are supporting keyboard and mouse in Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3. He is confident we are doing it in a way that will be balanced without feeling “gimped” for either side. We’ll also allow people to choose whether or not they want to allow mixed controller vs. keyboard/mouse games or not.

I think you guys are going to love UT3!

More details to come later.

Still no word about KB/M support in the eventual Xbox 360 version of the game, but this news should make quite a few PS3 owners very happy.

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