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$20 Game of the Week: Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360)


The Gears of War franchise was this console generation’s surprise hit. While everyone was busy waiting for Halo 3, Gear of War’s cover-focused gameplay, fun multiplayer, and beautiful Unreal Engine powered 3 graphics took gamers by surprise and made its way into many an Xbox 360 owner’s console. A fourth entry in the series, Judgement was released a few months ago, but many fans still prefer the classic third installment, and for good reason. It wraps up the trilogy in style.
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$20 Game of the Week: Infinity Blade (IOS)


Releasing in late 2010, Infinity Blade was a very significant game for the mobile market, especially the iPad. It was the first mobile game that made use of the Unreal Engine 3. With a serious graphical powerhouse engine behind it, tablet systems would be on their way to being taken seriously as gaming devices. The game itself isn’t too shabby either. It provides an experience that is best suited towards mobile devices, although it tends to get a bit repetitious.
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Powetcast 144: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Captain Genius and Zac are sick and manage to get out of bed long enough to record a podcast.

This week Adam tries to classify pedophiles, Zero hates Skyfall, Zac only plays Halo, and Genius hates Miss Piggy.

For a fun game, try to figure out who is taking a bathroom break at various points during the show. Posts the times in the comments and you can win a No-prize.

Next Week: Wii U and Black Friday deals

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Gears Of War 3 “Dust To Dust” trailer

Less than 3 weeks away from release, Epic Games has released a final trailer for the final game in the Gears Of War trilogy.

Just as they did with the “Mad World” and “Last Day” trailers, we have some very somber and calming music over a chaotic back drop. The song here is “Into Dust” by Mazzy Star.

Gearheads will finally get to play out Delta Squad’s last mission on September 20. If for some reason you did not play the previous games, you have wasted the last 5 years of you life. But its not too late, since Epic has released a “triple pack” that includes the first two games and all the expansion packs and maps for $30.

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Gears of War 3 Beta Preview Video – Dedicated Execution

Gears Of War’s first two entries contained memorable single player and co-op modes that few other games could touch.

The online multiplayer for both left a lot to be desired, being riddled with balance problems and lag. Even when they were fixed, many in the community had moved on to other games. Epic is making a huge effort to insure Gears Of War 3 ships with a great multiplayer out of the box with an actual beta test this time around.

The unspoken truth of this preview video is that if they did a beta for Gears 2 as well, it might not have been unplayable shit for the first 2 months after release. Here is hoping Gears 3 might spin a little longer in the disc tray and have an online game worthy of its single player.

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$20 errr…. Free Game of the Week: Tyrian (PC, iPhone, and Pretty Much any Other Platform The Open Source Version Has Been Ported To)

Before Unreal, Gears of War, and Bulletsotrm (and after Jazz Jackrabbit, ZZT, and Jill of the Jungle) Epic Megagames released this vertical scrolling shooter. While it contains classic shooter action in the vein of Raiden and Xevious, it contains a few tricks of its own that make it unique. The game was originally conceived as a tech demo by two friends Alexander Brandon and Jason Emery. It didn’t even have sound, although it was shopped out to both Epic and Apogee Software. Epic eventually considered the game a perfect fit for thier company, and hooked the team up with sound composers and graphic designers, and thus Tyrian was born. You play as Trent, a terraformation expert. After being sent to the planet Tyrian to do some terraforming work, your friend is assassinated by Microsol (not Microsoft), the corporation controlling the terraforming effort due to his knowledge of a rare mineral being mined on the planet. Realizing that you’re next on Microsol’s hit-list, you set out to make your escape.
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Gears of War 3 – “Ashes To Ashes”

Gears of War 3 is one of the worst kept secrets in development, and but even though we all knew it was happening, no one got to see it until now.
After the harrowing escape at the climax of Gears 2, Delta Squad seems to be in even WORSE shape than at the start of the last 2 games. Dom looks like he’s practically given up at this point (or at least, given up shaving). Luckily Marcus, Baird, and Cole are close behind, and Anya has joined the fight on the ground now too. Designer Cliff Bleszinski was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for the debut, which you can watch here.

Out side of this interview, Cliff confirmed that there will be 4 player co-op for the campaign this round, and that the Lambent will emerge as a third faction fighting both Locust and Human soldiers.

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$20 Game of the Week: Shadow Complex (Xbox Live Arcade)

shadowcomplexThe best way to describe Epic/Chair Entertainment’s Xbox Live offering is an old school gaming experience with a new school style. Although Shadow Complex contains 3D graphics powered by Unreal 3, its gameplay is reminiscent of old school 2d games such as Metroid. The game’s plot, penned by comic book writer Peter David (The Incredible Hulk, X-Factor), is a side story to the Orson Scott Card novel Empire. You play as Jason Flemming, an everyday guy who was doing some rock climbing with his girlfriend Claire. When Claire is captured by members of a terrorist organization (which has already assassinated the vice president by the way), it’s up to you to rescue her.
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