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$20 Game of the Week: Infinity Blade (IOS)


Releasing in late 2010, Infinity Blade was a very significant game for the mobile market, especially the iPad. It was the first mobile game that made use of the Unreal Engine 3. With a serious graphical powerhouse engine behind it, tablet systems would be on their way to being taken seriously as gaming devices. The game itself isn’t too shabby either. It provides an experience that is best suited towards mobile devices, although it tends to get a bit repetitious.
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Keyboard & mouse support for Unreal Tournament 3 on Playstation 3: Confirmed!

Gamers have long been demanding keyboard and mouse support for first-person shooters on the next-gen consoles. Today Epic Vice President Mark Rein made a rather epic announcement on the company’s official message board:


I checked with Steve Polge and he said that YES we are supporting keyboard and mouse in Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3. He is confident we are doing it in a way that will be balanced without feeling “gimped” for either side. We’ll also allow people to choose whether or not they want to allow mixed controller vs. keyboard/mouse games or not.

I think you guys are going to love UT3!

More details to come later.

Still no word about KB/M support in the eventual Xbox 360 version of the game, but this news should make quite a few PS3 owners very happy.

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