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The Powet Top 5 – Favorite Childhood Games

It’s no secret that many of us at Powet are and have always been life-long gamers. I think one of the most interesting things you can ask anyone who is a gamer is “what were your top 5 games growing up”? Depending on generation they grew up in or what system they played, the answers will generally be very different. I grew up with an NES and later graduated to the Genesis, I was also fortunate enough to have a local arcade, so here’s my top 5:

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Powet Alphabet: J is for Jonas Venture

J is for Jonas Venture

Since the alphabet is the building block of our language, the Powet Alphabet is the building block of what makes us geeks.

One of the things the Venture Brothers is known for is its diverse cast of characters. Just seeing the logo or mentioning it by name automatically brings images of Doc, Brock, Hank, Dean, The Monarch and his henchmen to mind. One of the characters who is often overlooked is Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture’s own father, Jonas.

Jonas is an obvious parody of Hanna Barbera’s Benton Quest (Johnny Quest’s father) and other “Adventurer” characters from the late 60’s and 70’s. Jonas’ voice (provided by voice actor Paul Boocock) and physical appearance are a definite nod to characters of that era. Unlike most Hanna Barbera action-dads, he is much colder towards his son and generally has a somewhat of a disregard for his feelings and general well being. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll probably know all of this, but if not be warned, there are plenty of spoilers after the break.
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Review: Xbox 360 S Console

new xbox

Since the days of the NES, consoles have been known to receive redesigns mid-way or later in their cycle. The NES, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, PSone, PS2 and the rival PS3 have all received smaller, redesigns in their cycles. Given how brief the original Xbox’s life-span was, most didn’t mind that the Xbox360 was a tad smaller than the original system. However, given Microsoft’s rush to deliver the console to the market, they company seemingly cut corners in terms of design (a much discussed topic for another place and another time) to get their next-gen machine that was ahead of its time on store shelves first.

Sony and Nintendo both delivered more technically stable systems, spending an extra year to work out most of their kinks. Since release many fans wondered if Microsoft would ever re-design the Xbox360. Technically they did make many internal revisions, as the system receive HDMI standard in mid-2007 as they introduced their Elite systems as well as several revisions to disc drives and motherboards over that span. Flash forward to E3 2010, Microsoft reveals one of their best-kept secrets, their newly designed, smaller, sleeker (albeit more angular), system simply called “Xbox 360 S Console” and it was very well worth the wait..
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Powet.TV Exclusive: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Review [PS3]

It's Here!

It's Here!

While there are many highly anticipated games this holiday season, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is probably on the top of most people’s lists. It’s no surprise this time around; in 2007 Infinity Ward delivered Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare which blew everyone’s expectations out of the water.

It was a major change in the series as it was previously exclusive to World War 2 and many, including Activision themselves weren’t quite sold on the idea when it was first announced. Infinity Ward gave us a gritty and realistic depiction of modern-day warfare in gaming. It was a gripping shooter that was believable and most importantly delivered on story, emotion, a gave us a different perspective of war, yet also delivered tons of fun and replay. Last year, Treyarch took us back to World War 2 with warm reception, but fans have been eagerly waiting to return to Modern Warfare and more importantly hoping that Infinity Ward would deliver once again… [Read the rest of this entry…]

Exclusive Pics: Halo 3 Legendary Unboxing

The edition of Halo 3 every one is talking about is finally revealed!

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GTA IV Delayed Until 2008

While many have been planning on playing the newest installment of Grand Theft Auto this year, Take-Two has just announced in a press release that both the Playstation 3 and Xbox360 versions of the game have been delayed until the second fiscal quarter of 2008. The cause of the delay is apparently due to Rockstar requesting “more development time”. This may be a shock to many, however rumors were floating around that there have been technical issues developing both consoles. While purely speculation, this coincides with the rumors that Microsoft may be allowing developers make games with a hard drive requirement.

You can read the official press release here.

Powet Toys: Transformers Movie Leader Megatron Review

The controversial figure is finally reviewed!

Powet Toys: Deluxe Barricade Review

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