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Sweet Powet.TV entries by C16

New Soundwave

tak10695.jpgLooks like Takara might be trying to make up for Kissplay. BBTS has put up a pre-order page for a new Soundwave toy that is actually an MP3 player. Fully transforms and plays music via a Mini SD card reader. At a size that’ll be a bit smaller than G1 Soundwave, we finally have our Classics Soundwave. Word is there’ll be two versions, one in Soundwave’s colors and another in ipod’s standard white. There’s also going to be a Convoy figure released with a remolded head and an ipod docking station trailer with speakers, which is a neat novelty. All three can be found here:

All three items are expected to arrive around July. I can’t wait. I pre-ordered mine already!

Transformers 2007 Movie Preview toys

transformers_poster.gifWell, someone over at AC Toys seemto have picked up the upcoming TF movie preview toys, which are Optimus Prime and Starscream. Included are some inpackage shots (front and back) and some out of package.




Powet@Botcon 2006 – Saturday

Just got off the phone with Zac. He says the IDW panel just finished up. He didn’t mention much to me, but here’s some summaries at Allspark and TFormers.

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Powet@Botcon 2006 – Thursday and Friday wrap up

Well, seeing as Zac, Caleb, Sean, Crazy, Sam and who knows who else have arrived at Botcon while I’m stuck at home behind a monitor, it’s my job to relay any information they pass on to me, as well as organizing all the information and links available throughout the net regarding this year’s Botcon and Transformers.

Here’s what we got so far.

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Classics Transformers reviews at BWTF

Transformers-Official-Image.jpgBen Yee has put up a few reviews of the upcoming Classics figures, which includes pictures as well. Hit the link below to check out Prime, Bumblebee, Rodimus and Astrotrain.

Alternators Ravage the Second – Beast Mode

In an update to an entry I previously made, an eBay auction has surfaced which shows of the beast mode to this new Alternator. Check out the link below and the mirrored pics.



New Classics pics! (resin protos of Jetfire and Ramjet)

grim1.jpgIt’s just been discovered that there’s some new Classics protos over at the Japanese patents office. It’s a bit of a hassle getting through their site, so I’ve mirrored the images here. They’ve also updated with Prime and Starscream, but it’s nothing new. In additon ebay seller SPY_Toys has Classics Grimlock for sale.

Continue on for a mirrored gallery of these 3 highly anticipated Classics.
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New pic of movie Bumblebee

A new shot of the Grunty looking Bumblebee has shown up on the net. Click on the thumbnail to view the whole thing.


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