Just got off the phone with Zac. He says the IDW panel just finished up. He didn’t mention much to me, but here’s some summaries at Allspark and TFormers.

IDW Panel@Allspark

IDW Panel@TFormers

Zac was more interested in telling me about a Transformers video game coming out by Activision for thr 360 that would be based on the movie. They have a booth there, but nothing really to show. They’re giving out stickers and they’re going to raffle a 360, so hopefully Zac can walk away with that. He says that the game will have a site at transformersgame.com but there’s nothing there yet, so don’t bother for now. He also says that G4 is there conducting interviews and such, and Zac has walked behind them a few times, so he might be on the show on Monday if he’s lucky.

That’s about it for now. He’s going to call me back when Hasbro’s booth starts up and tell me what’s going on. They won’t allow pictures again this year so I’ll try to get everything I can. One funny thing before I finish up here is that as they were all walking towards the theater to view the 20th DVD showing of TF the movie, they ended up walking right behind Aaron Archer without even knowning it until they got to the line, which of course he went straight to the front of.

Toy wise, the only thing he told me was that there’s a gigantic Minicon display with every Minicon ever on it. Sounds awesome.

Update 1:

Got some new stuff here. Botcon panel notes and more of Hasbro’s toy booth! New Titaniums and some Classics repaints!

Botcon Product Panel@Allspark

Hasbro’s Day 2 Booth@TFormers

Update 2:

Now we’ve got a load of official images from Hasbro’s site showing off almost everything that’s new from the convention, minus the Titaniums, and pictures from IDW’s panel.

Botcon Updates@Transformers.com (and Reissue Soundwave too)

IDW Panel@Allspark

I’ll try to type up some thoughts on the more interesting things discussed today at the panels towards the end of the day wrap up.

Update 2b: (Edit – Orange)

We DO have titanium images!

New TitaniumsTitanium Megatron

Here we have three 6-inch War Within figures in the forms of Megatron, The Fallen, and Ultra Magus. Note how Magnus is not simply a Prime repaint. Also visible are Beast Machines Cheetor, Rodimus, and the inevitable Sunstorm repaint. Sorry about the Megatron closeup photo bein so blurry.

Update 3: (Edit – Crazy) Big news for the evening is the announcement that next year’s convention will take place in Providence, Rhode Island. Home town of Hasbro itself. Tours were hinted at. In addition to the location, the time of year was announced. The convention will take place one week prior to the premiere of the Transformers Movie itself. This is pure speculation on our part, but we wouldn’t be surprised if there is a surprise sneak screening of the movie for us. Get your checkbooks ready, this is going to be a big year.