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Sweet Powet.TV entries by C16

From the maker of The Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime…

Two more hilarious videos!

And in case you missed The Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime, here it is.

Kiss Play Rodimus at e-Hobby

rodimus3_l.jpgThe peoples at e-Hobby have listed Rodimus on their site, with a very nice collection of pictures showing his all the new features that he comes with. Check out this boner-riffic repaint below.


Customs Workshop


In an effort to do more around here, I’m going to start posting any cool customs I see on the net, and once in a while, put up some stuff I have in my files, which is pretty expansive (200+ MBs in size).

So I’ll start off with Freestyle’s Deluxe Primus. Hit the links for the full gallery.

Alternators Ravage the Second?

alternators_logo.pngACtoys has posted some pics of proto which is presumed to be Ravage. If you look closely at the underside picture, you can see his head and some paws, which probably means he’s going to be a Jaguar car that transforms into a jaguar. Follow the link for the thread or click on our mirrored pics here.

    ravalt2.jpg ravalt1.jpg ravalt3.jpg

    Classics Megatron gallery

    Transformers-Official-Image.jpgBehind the toys has posted a gallery of the upcoming Classics Megatron which mostly shows off how it transforms. Get a good look at this figure here!

    G1 Classics Astrotrain gallery

    Transformers-Official-Image.jpgMaz from has put up a gallery for the upcoming Astrotrain. It does a good job of showing off how he trainsformers and all of his modes, even a comparison with G1 Astrotrain.

    Link: Classics Astrotrain

    Super Metroid Redesign

    smr.gifWhile roms and emulators are a sticky topic to discuss, I thought this was too good to pass up. Browsing 4chan, I found a hack provided by which gives us Super Metroid, but totally reimagined. The entire game’s layout is different. As soon as you land in Crateria, it’s readily obvious. All the items, events and locations have been completely rearranged and the difficulty has been significantly increased as well. In addition to the different gameplay experience, the game physics have been altered as well. The speed at which you drop is faster and wall jumping (which is actual item you must obtain first) has become more fluid.

    I’m only an hour in, but I’m definetly going to see this game through to the end. Obviously, I’m only providing the link to the patch for this game, but I’m sure the rom itself and an emulator can be found easily enough. this is internet, afterall.


    More Transformers goodness

    unicron.jpgIn addition to Crazy’s post about the new G1 Starscream, there’s some galleries for Blendal (Cybertron Quickmix), Cybertron Unicron and BW10th Optimus Primal at Tformers.

    Optimus Primal

    In other news, I received my BWR-01 set and it is spectacular. Especially the Megatron. Highly reccomended if you can still find a set.

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