Well, seeing as Zac, Caleb, Sean, Crazy, Sam and who knows who else have arrived at Botcon while I’m stuck at home behind a monitor, it’s my job to relay any information they pass on to me, as well as organizing all the information and links available throughout the net regarding this year’s Botcon and Transformers.

Here’s what we got so far.

Random Tidbits:

  • Masterpiece Starscream has a possible US release in his original colors.
  • Alternators “on hiatus.” No plans for Alternator Hot Rod to be released in the U.S.
  • Universe is officially done.
  • Classics will exist as its own sub-continuity, at least where the fan-club comic is concerned; next year’s story-arc will take place in this timeline; it is envisioned as a sequel to Marvel’s G1 storyline.
  • They might re-do War Within Prime with Megatron as a two pack with better joints, since Don was disappointed with the results.

Botcon Exclusives gallery 1@Allspark

Botcon Exclusives gallery 2@Allspark

Botcon Exclusives gallery@TFormers

Hasbro Design Panel@Allspark

Hasbro Design Panel@Seibertron

Hasbro Display Booth@TFormers

Hasbro Display Booth@Seibertron

Transformers Designs Decisions@TFormers

Botcon Art room@TFormers

Classics Showcase@TFormers

Non-Botcon related links:

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Well, that’s it for today. Zac’s probably going to call me tomorrow morning during Hasbro’s panel to give me all the sweet juicy info. I’ll put it up and I’ll update that post throughout the day whenever I find something new and interesting.