Here it is. Your monthly MattyCollector Day reminder.

Start taking deep breaths because this month is another perfect storm of releases featuring the much anticipated Masters of the Universe Classics edition of She-Ra, followed by the MOTUC Bonus figure, Keldor and the reissue of the limited release Faker. Not only that, but MattyCollector is experimenting with their JLU offerings. Having considered the 3-packs a failure on the site, they are now offering a larger carded single figure in the form of Lobo. He will be a test to see how single oversized figures fare on sale day with a ridiculous price of $20. Have fun with that JLU collectors. Ghostbusters collectors will have the opportunity to purchase the slimed Peter Venkman figure with Slimer.

And what is sure to be a big hit for the site is the re-release offering of DC Universe Classics wave 5 as a set. This was the extremely difficult to find Wal-Mart exclusive Metallo wave.

Remember to use this handy page when ordering!

Pictures after the jump!

DCUC_Metallo_Wave_Listing Venkman_Slimed_Listing_01 Venkman_Slimed_Listing_02 Venkman_Slimed_Listing_05 Venkman_Slimed_Listing_07 Venkman_Slimed_Listing_08 Lobo_Listing_01 Lobo_Listing_02 Lobo_Listing_03 Lobo_Listing_04 Lobo_Listing_05 Faker_Listing_01 Faker_Listing_02 Faker_Listing_03 Faker_Listing_05 Faker_Listing_06 Keldor_Listing_01 Keldor_Listing_02 Keldor_Listing_04 Keldor_Listing_05 Keldor_Listing_06 She-Ra_Listing_01 She-Ra_Listing_02 She-Ra_Listing_03 She-Ra_Listing_08 She-Ra_Listing_09