This is your monthly reminder, collectors! On sale today is MOTUC Moss Man. Both versions of Moss Man will be on sale, but I think the version with the flocked ears will be limited in quantity since those were from before the running change to remove the flock from the ears as fans demanded. Reissue Stratos will also be available for sale. MOTUC collectors finally get a fairly light month with just that figure and reissue.

Also on sale will be DCUC Wave 12 as a set. This is the wave with Darksied as the Collect ‘n Connect figure. The Dark Knight Movie Masters Scarecrow is also up for purchase.

Pictures of each of the products after the jump.

MOTUC_Stratos_01 MOTUC_Stratos_02 MOTUC_Stratos_03 MOTUC_Stratos_04 DCUC_Wave_12 DK_Scarecrow_01 DK_Scarecrow_02 DK_Scarecrow_03 DK_Scarecrow_04 DK_Scarecrow_05 
Flocked Ears:
MOTUC_MossMan_01_FlockedEars MOTUC_MossMan_02_FlockedEars MOTUC_MossMan_03_FlockedEars MOTUC_MossMan_04_FlockedEars MOTUC_MossMan_06_FlockedEars
Unflocked Ears:
MOTUC_MossMan_02 MOTUC_MossMan_03 MOTUC_MossMan_04 MOTUC_MossMan_07 MOTUC_MossMan_08