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Mattel’s panel at NYCC has brought us some great news for He-Man fans. Mattel announced an upcoming line for MOTU spanning all previous incarnations of the property. That includes the classic figures from the 80’s, characters from the original mini-comics, the New Adventures of He-Man, the 2002 MYP MOTU relaunch series and She-Ra, Princess of Power. It was unclear if the She-Ra figures would be based on the series of the original figures.

MOTU Classics King Grayskull

Some quick details from

  • The line will be a 6″ Masters of the Universe collector’s line
  • The line will be super-poseable, using high-end articulation
  • It will be comparable to the DC Universe line that is currently being produced by Mattel and sculpted by the 4H
  • Mattel stated this line is definitely going to be for the collectors, and not for children
  • They will be shipped in even case ratios. Mattel said “You are not going to see six Skeletors and one Beastman”
  • The first figure in the line will be King Grayskull, who will be a SDCC Exclusive.
  • King Grayskull will have a chase variant that is colored to look like the statue of King Grayskull seen by Adam from the MYP Power of Grayskull episode.
  • This collector’s line will contain “the entire pantheon of MOTU characters”, which will include characters from the classic MOTU toy line, the New Adventures of He-Man, MYP cartoon characters, characters from the mini-comics (a photo of the Green Goddess was flashed), characters from the unproduced Powers of Grayskull line (a photo of He-Ro was flashed), and POP characters (a screengrab of Force Captain Adora from SOTS was flashed)

I have included the lengthy notes from the Fan Q&A and’s exclusive Q&A after the jump.

I found it interesting to note that Mattel does not own the rights to any character in the Filmation series that was not a toy or in the original mini-comics.

Here is the lengthier Q&A from

Next the fan Q&A began.

  • 1. Mattel was asked about their plans for retail distribution.
    They said they were not ready to reveal that yet, but it will be revealed at SDCC, and “it will have better distribution than any Mattel toy line before.”
  • 2. They were asked about the asterisk symbol on King Grayskull; if a cross variation would be produced.
    Cornboy said “You’ll just have to wait and see” and Scott Neitlich from Mattel added “The whole idea is to make you guys happy. This is for the fans.”
  • 3. They were asked about the possibility of a Titus or Megator giant figure.
    Scott said “It’s definitely being though about. It depends on the success of the first two waves.”
  • 4. They were then asked if there might be a Queen Marlena.
    Scott replied stating that since she appeared in a mini-comic before she appeared in Filmation, that they have the rights to produce her.
  • 5. They were asked about playsets, vehicles and creatures.
    Scott remarked, much like with Titus and Megator that “It depends on the success of the first two waves.”
  • 6. Mattel was asked about the status of a movie line of toys.
    They said they are not ready to comment on that yet, but that “this line will be separate from the movie.”
  • 7. A fan asked about a Keldor figure.
    Mattel said that it was definitely a possibility.
  • 8. They were asked if these collector figures would have action-features.
    Scott said “There will be not action-features, but there may be snap-on parts to indicate the original action features.”
    He then used Mekaneck as an example, talking about having a replacement head with a long extended neck.
    Eric Treadaway then said they wanted to get the feel of having a big action-figure in your hands. Specifically, “The chunky feel of the old toy line.”
  • 9. The dastardly Unemployed Skeletor asked if he would once again have a job.
    Scott said that “Yes, you will have a job again.”
  • 10. US then asked if he would be in the first wave of figures.
    Scott replied that he would be in the first couple of waves.
  • 11. The last question was if Mattel could collect the original mini-comics as a trade paperback.
    Mattel said it was something they just talked about, and something they would like to do, but have no plans for at this time.

At 4:30pm, Greg had a private Q&A with Scott Neitlich, asking a number of questions from fans here at

  • 12. Greg asked about the comparison to the DC Universe line, and if we might count on a Collect’N’Connect approach (build a figure).
    Scott said it’s “definitely an option” and that it depends on the success of the first few waves.
    Scott went on to say that “If you support it, the sky’s the limit.”
  • 13. Greg asked for verification on She-Ra, as that came as a surprise.
    Scott said the line will definitely have POP characters.
    We’re unsure at this time if Mattel meant they will just be based on POP toys, or include Filmation characters. We’ll clarify at a later date.
  • 14. Greg then asked if the color schemes for the toys would be based on the classic toys, or versions that appeared in the mini-comics.
    Scott said that “different color schemes can be variants or chase variants.”
  • 15. Greg asked about distribution outside of the USA.
    Scott said that he couldn’t comment until SDCC.
  • 16. Greg also asked if Teela would come with her snake armor like the toy.
    Scott replied saying “She will definitely come with the classic snake armor, and it will be removable.”
  • 17. Greg inquired about plans for the MOTU Collector’s Club.
    Scott said it’s “definitely on the table” and that it was “something that will be talked about at SDCC.”
  • 18. Greg wanted to know if the line would be sold at Mattel outlet stores.
    Scott noted that he couldn’t comment on any distribution until SDCC.
  • 19. Greg asked for clarification on classic characters; could they also do classic Filmaton characters such as Lizard Man?
    Scott said they could not do Lizard Man. Mattel does not have the rights to do any Filmation characters that were not classic toys as well, or unless they appeared in the mini-comics before the Filmation cartoon series.
  • 20. Greg then asked about a video game tie-in.
    Scott said it was something Mattel was interested in.
  • 21. Greg was curious if Emiliano Santalucia or Val Staples would be used as consultants.
    Scott replied that “While Val and Emiliano aren’t involved in an official capacity, we are getting a lot of fan input and we are reading the message boards.”
  • 22. Greg then wanted to know why Savage He-Man was on display. Did they have any answers on the mystery of this figure?
    Scott said that the figure was a potential for a deco variant later on in the line.
    How Savage He-Man’s was originally offered still remains a mystery.
  • 23. Greg closed things up by asking about the status of the mini-statue line.
    Scott replied that it would be phased out and replaced by the MOTU Collector’s line.