The latest issue of Toyfare, 152, came out yesterday with lots of teasers and announcements as a precursor to this weekend’s New York Toy Fair. Word is racing across the internet that among the announcements was a MOTUC vs DCUC Comic 2-pack exclusive to Toys ‘R Us. The pack will reportedly come with DC Comics Presents #47 where Superman was pitted against the most powerful man in the universe. Pictures of prototypes for a (DC) comic accurate He-Man were leaked on ebay holding the mystery sword and shield accessories shown at the Gallery 88 art show. I’ve included the prototype photos below. The Superman to be included has been said will be the same as that included in the Gotham 5-pack

This is huge news because it will mean the first time any MOTUC figure will be released at retail. This 2-pack is supposedly the first of several. It would appear that there will be a Skeletor 2-pack, but not with whom he might come. Lets hope drums up more interest in He-Man and MOTUC so Mattel will increase their production numbers more and get these figures out to fans that want to buy them but refuse to get in line for Mattel’s shady subscription service.

DC_Presents_47 Comic_2Pk_Protos_HeMan_Skeletor_01 Comic_2Pk_Protos_HeMan_Skeletor_02 Comic_2Pk_Protos_HeMan_Skeletor_03 Comic_2Pk_Protos_HeMan_Skeletor_04 Comic_2Pk_Protos_HeMan_Skeletor_05