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Final Fantasy IV: The After coming to the Wii

Final Fantasy IV: The After

“Final Fantasy IV: The After” or “The After Years” as it will now be known, is coming to the Wii. What is this game? Final Fantasy IV: The After – Return to the Moon is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy IV, the greatest game ever made, which was previously available only to Japanese cell phone users. Many North American fans have been wanting to get this game, but unable to even imagine a mechanism by which we might get it, but Siloconera has done a bit of sleuthing and found an ESRB entry for the game stating it will be released on the Wii by Square Enix.

Not much else is known about the North American release of this game. Will it be it’s own title, a Wii Ware game or on the Virtual Console? Any of those could fit so far as I can figure, but I’m just extremely glad that we’ll actually be getting this game. The cell phone game was released in monthly installments, though it’s too early to tell if we will be getting this game all in one shot or in similar pieces.

kain_screenshotA quick look at this game’s graphics show it to be nearly identical looking to it’s 1991 predecessor. The story follows the events of the original game by some 17 years with many character having aged, being descendants of original characters, or being secondary characters we’re getting more of a showcase on. For example we have characters like Palom and Porom all grown up, Cecil’s son, and even character’s like Luca, the daughter of King Giot.

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Keep Playing Street Fighter IV

Its finally here, and its awesome.

The Powetcast: Episode 4

episode4This week on the Powetcast we talk about Coraline, (now Oscar-winning) Slumdog Millionaire, Street Fighter IV, Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, Battlestar, Lost, Conan, and INCREDIBAD! I think we mentioned feminine hygiene too.

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Street Fighter Special Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of our Street Fighter special. In the last part, we looked over some of the franchise’s more infamous parts. In this one, we look at Street Fighter EX, which was a highly controversial entry in the series, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, and as an added bonus, we’ll take a look at a little known Dreamcast/Arcade title featuring characters from the franchise.
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Movie Posters: Watchmen

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GI Joe at ToyFair 2009

Last weekend was ToyFair 2009 in New York. It was a busy weekend and we were deluged with announcements of upcoming merchandise. Fellow Poweteer and avid Joe fan, Tigerpaw32, sent in a full write up of GI Joe news:

Yo Joe! It’s that time of year again. Time for toy companies to show off their upcoming products and for me to do a write up of the G.I. Joe offerings. This year, the G.I. Joe line’s main focus will be on toys to support the upcoming feature film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

Figures will be released in 12 and 3 ¾” formats as well as a brand new format: The Sigma Six-esque Action Battlers. The cute miniature Combat Heroes line will be continuing under the movie banner. Brand new role play, Mr. Potato Head, and todder toys will also be available. Add to this a few more non-Movie 3 ¾” items coming out before the Movie as well as a ton of other movie-branded merchandise and one huge Duke figure and you have a year filled with G.I. Joe action.

Our first order of business is to wrap up the rest of the 3 ¾” releases that will be hitting before the Movie toys come out. The remaining releases prior to the movie can be divided up into two sections: The Hall of Heroes and Online Exclusive packs.

Thanks to Rich for all the good news!
Really looking forward to that Cobra 7-pack and the Night Raven.
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$20 Classic Letdown of the Week: Street Fighter Special Part 1

This week sees the release of the highly anticipated Street Fighter 4. To celebrate, Powet presents a special 2-part $20 Game of the Week/Lost Classics/Maximum Letdown Special on some of the highs and the lows of the franchise. This is part one, in which we will feature the original Street Fighter (as an example of why you can’t go home again) and the two games based on a certain movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme which just so happens to have a name and cast of characters similar to Street Fighter. This weekend we’ll take a look at Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix along with one of the more under appreciated bright spots of the franchise.
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How To: Digital TV Conversion

Need help with the Digital TV conversion this year? Powet.TV has the answers in this handy video!

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