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First Annual Powet.TV Awards – Nominations

UPDATE: Nominations extended until Nov. 30th! See the rest of the article for details.

powetcast It’s been a year since we’ve promised our viewers One Video Per Week. For 52 weeks we brought you 52 new videos for Keep Playing, Powet Toys, Famicom Dojo, our movie review series, as well as many others. Help us celebrate a successful year by picking out your favorite moments!

It’s really easy. All you have to do is find your top five favorite videos from the official list (after the jump). Watch them again to find your favorite scene or clip from each one. Once you think you found it, reply to this post with the name of the video and the timestamp (MM:SS) of your favorite moment.

We will tally the results and present them to you all for voting after the close of nominations. Winners will be announced in our December 9th video.

So what are you waiting for? Nominations close next Monday, November 30th!

See a list of valid contenders after the break:

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Analog TV No More

As of today, all full-powered TV stations have shut off their analog antennas, and now broadcast only in digital. Were you or someone you know left in the dark? Check out our Powet How To video about the Digital TV conversion for the answers you seek.

Full video show notes: Powet How To: Digital TV Conversion

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How To: Digital TV Conversion

Need help with the Digital TV conversion this year? Powet.TV has the answers in this handy video!

(Show notes after the jump)

Show Notes:
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