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Analog TV No More

As of today, all full-powered TV stations have shut off their analog antennas, and now broadcast only in digital. Were you or someone you know left in the dark? Check out our Powet How To video about the Digital TV conversion for the answers you seek.

Full video show notes: Powet How To: Digital TV Conversion

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How To: Digital TV Conversion

Need help with the Digital TV conversion this year? Powet.TV has the answers in this handy video!

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Show Notes:
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Analog TV shutoff moved to June 12th (Sort of…)

Digital TV Converter Box Coupon

As expected, the US House voted on Wednesday to move the digital TV conversion date to June 12th, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief right?

Not exactly. In fact, many stations will still shut off their analog transmitters on February 17th as planned.

This is because the language of the legislation is such that broadcasters are not required to go Digital, but merely to vacate the analog frequencies by February 17th. Even though that date has been extended four months, many stations will still stop broadcasting in analog because of the cost issues.

The legislative decision is going to cause more confusion than it aimed to solve.

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Digital TV switchover may be delayed until June

Digital TV Convert Box Coupon

See that image? The US Federal government has run out of funds for the program to hand out these $40 coupons for the Ditigal TV switchover, which is probably why on Monday the Senate unanimously voted to extend the “analog shutoff” deadline from February 17th to June 12th.

Several other reasons for the delay were cited. For one, there’s still not enough accurate information out there about who needs to switch and what someone affected by this change will have to purchase in order to use a digital signal. That’s a vast understatement, since the media at large has only just this month caught on that digital signals will require many TV owners making the switch to buy a new antenna as well — which the current (now-bankrupt) government program doesn’t take into account.

(Read more about how badly this could screw things up after the break)

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