segavisions01.jpg Retro Gaming with racketboy has graciously decided to share some classic game magazines with those of us who missed them or just want to remember good times.
PDF: Sega Visions Magazine – Summer 1991
PDF: Nintendo Power #1 – Jul-Aug 1988
PDF: Playstation Magazine #1 – September 1997

Update: While we all thought the magazines would be a fun read, who knew they would yeild this kind of pertinent info–
Kotaku: Sony Pulls Rumble… from the Playstation! Apparently, Sony announced they were going to not included rumble in their original Playstation Dual Analog pad because of a patent dispute with Immersion Technologies. Sony went ahead with the DualShock anyway, the rest is history.
Joystiq: CliffyB, the retro gaming god. A sharp reader spotted the name Cliff Blezinski as the having the top score in Super Mario Bros on NES, and one email later confirmed that it is in fact Cliff Bleszinski aka “Cliffy B” now of Epic Games and lead for Microsoft’s winter tentpole, Gears Of War!