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SDCC 2014: NECA unveils license for Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm

SDCC-2014- Figures-com-NECA-Blizzard-Heroes-of-the-Storm brings us news that NECA announced they have the license for Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm game. While they had nothing to show, aside from a placard with some art on it, they will be doing at least one wave of 6-7 inch figures. It is not clear who will be in this first wave, but the art does feature characters from the different Blizzard properties that appear in the game including:
Illidan Stormrage (Warcraft)
Stitches (HotS)
Nova (Starcraft)
Tyrael (Diablo III)
Arthas Menethil aka The Lich King (Warcraft)

Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s answer to League of Legends and DOTA2 featuring characters from their many properties including StarCraft, WarCraft and Diablo.

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Canceled Part 5: A Maximum Letdown Special


This past memorial day, we remembered the brave men and women in our military who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We as gamers also remember the many games that have been left on the cutting room floor, some due to budget issues, others due to executive meddling, and others due to censorship. This list of titles once again mentions 10 games that didn’t make it past previews and concept stages. Some titles we were better off without. However, other titles were potential classics that were killed off before their time. All games mentioned deserved their time in the spotlight, even if metacritic would have given them a rating of only 5.5.
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The Powet Top 5 – Video Game Surprise Substitutions

Welcome, Poweteers, to a brand new original column where we explore the top (and bottom) 5 items we think are relevant to any of a variety of topics that span the imagination. Sit back, read, and respond!

David Beckham is being substituted for Wayne Rooney. What this has to do with video games, I have no idea.

Sometimes in video games, the best way to experience a story is through the eyes of someone else. It’s even better when it’s unexpected. This top five celebrates 5 of the best surprise substitutions in video game history. It goes without saying that there are major spoilers ahead. To qualify, the substitution must not be hinted at early on (a’la Big Boss in metal Gear Solid 3), and must be part of the game’s canon storyline. So games where you choose between two people from the start (Resident Evil 1) don’t count, neither do secret characters (such as Richter and Maria in Castlevania: Potrait of Ruin).
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$20 Game of the Week: Warcraft 3 Battle Chest (PC)

warcraft3Little known fact for all you World of Warcraft players: before it was the massively multiplayer online hit that it is now, Warcraft was a real time strategy series that, while it may not have been the cultural icon that its online cousin is, it was just as critically acclaimed. In fact, Warcraft 2 (along with Command and Conquer) are credited for establishing many of the 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) concepts prevalent in most RTS games, and many of the events in WOW are based on Warcraft 3, which is collected in this box. Like the Starcraft Battle Chest, the Warcraft Battle Chest contains Warcraft 3, its expansion, strategy guides and manuals for both games, and a 2 week trial for WOW. If you played Starcraft, then you should feel right at home, as many game mechanics here are similar.
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