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SDCC 2014: NECA unveils license for Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm

SDCC-2014- Figures-com-NECA-Blizzard-Heroes-of-the-Storm brings us news that NECA announced they have the license for Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm game. While they had nothing to show, aside from a placard with some art on it, they will be doing at least one wave of 6-7 inch figures. It is not clear who will be in this first wave, but the art does feature characters from the different Blizzard properties that appear in the game including:
Illidan Stormrage (Warcraft)
Stitches (HotS)
Nova (Starcraft)
Tyrael (Diablo III)
Arthas Menethil aka The Lich King (Warcraft)

Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s answer to League of Legends and DOTA2 featuring characters from their many properties including StarCraft, WarCraft and Diablo.

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$20 Game of the Week: Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty (PC)


For the sequel to one of the greatest real-time strategy franchises of all time, Blizzard decided to do something big and somewhat controversial: split the game into 3 parts, one for each of the three factions. Wings of Liberty deals with the Terran faction, while the recently released Heart of the Swarm deals with the Zerg. However, just because WOL deals with only one faction, it is by no means incomplete, as the tale of Jim Raynor is a story deep enough to stand on its own, and the RTS gameplay, refined over the years since the original Starcraft’s release, stands the test of time.
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The Week After Diablo 3

It’s been over a week since Diablo 3 launched to the ravenous public. And after 12 years of waiting for the second sequel to one of Blizzard’s top tier franchises to finally be released, who couldn’t expect some bumps along the way. Between crashing servers, players already finding their accounts hacked, and the now meme-worthy “Error 37” debacle, the patience of many gamers has been put to the test. (a very online-oriented test too, mind you….no single-player offline tests here)

However, Blizzard was confident in their ability to weather the storm, and announced that the game has broken PC gaming records, with sales going beyond 3.5 million (well, 2.4 million, if you subtract the copies given for free to WoW subscribers) within the first 24 hours of the game’s release. (Starcraft 2 only saw a opening-day sale count of around 1 million, to put into perspective) While not mentioning sales in actual dollar signs, Blizzard is still making sure that they are dedicated to providing a steady and stable gaming environment for all Diablo 3 players.

Just ignore those “Server Down” messages. They’ll go away eventually.

What have been your experiences with Diablo 3 thus far? Let us know in the comments!

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Diablo 3 Release Date is May 15th

As can be seen on Blizzard’s Diablo website, the long awaited third installment of Blizzard’s gothic demon-hunting MMO finally was announced to have a release date two months from today. Pre-orders for the game can already be purchased, with the curious tag line of “be ready to play when the servers go live”. Whether this means anything other than being the first geek to delve into the ruins of Tristram and beyond is unknown, but at least after years of teasing and baiting, the fan community has a date to set on their calendars and a timeframe before productivity takes a massive dive.

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Starcraft spoofed in Korean Comedy show

Apparently some Korean television show thought it would be funny to spoof Starcraft in some sort of squabble between two of the actors/comedians. And it was.

[via TheDailyWhat]

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Diablo 3 – All Classes Confirmed!

If you were living under a rock this weekend and missed Blizzcon 2010, then you’d also have missed out on the announcement of the 5th and final player class for Diablo III: the Demon Hunter.

The Demon Hunter will be a duel-crossbow wielding character that looks like will be the substitute for the Rogue class from the first Diablo, and a cross between the Amazon and Assassin classes from the second game. Not much else has been discussed about the Demon Hunter’s gameplay or in-depth abilities skills other than a few including “molten arrow” and “granade”, but I guess Blizzard can’t drop everything at once; what with a release date still having not been mentioned yet.

Also revealed for Diablo III was a ranked PvP Arena Battle mode for the game, that pits teams of 3 against each other. will matachmake players of similar level and rank to make battles more evenly challenged, and will reward character with achievements (much like Starcraft 2 has) and special titles.

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StarCraft II – Ghosts of the Past Trailer

I’m the last guy who should be posting StarCraft news. Hell I bought the original game from a discount bin in 2003 and then chucked the disc into the street in a fit of rage when it wouldn’t install on the laptop I had at the time.

But this trailer is neat. Maybe I should see if that disc still works.

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Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty TV Commercial

Were you watching the NBA finals last night? Did you see the Celtics take it to the Lakers? You might have also seen the first TV commercial for Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. Check it out! Kerrigan is back!

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