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Classic Sega Games Coming to TV?

Correction: We incorrectly identified the Michael Hurst who directed The House of the Dead 2 as the Michel Hurst who directed Spartacus and Ash vs the Evil Dead. There are actually 2 Michael Hursts, and the one this article refers to has directed such straight to dvd classics such as Room 6 and The Baby Juice Express.


In 2014, Sega announced plans to expand into TV and Films. We already know that Sega is planning a live action/CG Sonic the Hedgehog film. Now according to Variety, we’ve learned that Sega is planning TV shows based on Altered Beast and Streets of Rage. Stories International, Sega’s multimedia wing, is partnering with Circle of Confusion (Feat the Walking Dead, Powers, Dirk Gently) to create tv shows based upon the two properties. Altered Beast was an arcade game that hit the Genesis as a pack-in game. Playing as a resurrected warrior, players gain the ability to kill demons and absorb their essences to mutate into animal forms. Streets of Rage was a popular beat-em-up franchises starring a group of undercover cops attempting to clean up the city.

Sega is also attempting to bring several other franchises to tv and film, including Virtua Fighter, Crazy Taxi, Shinobi, Golden Axe, and House of the Dead. Coincidentally, House of the Dead was Sega’s first attempt at bringing its franchises to the screen. Uwe Boll directed the disastrous 2003 film while Michael Hurst (Room 6, The Baby Juice Express) directed 2005’s even worse straight to dvd sequel. After that debacle, Sega can’t go anywhere but up. However when it comes to movies based on games, past experiences haven’t exactly filled us with confidence.

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$20 Game of the Week: M.U.D. TV (PC)

A few of you Poweteers might remember a little known PC game called MAD TV. In it, you played as a TV exec who competed against other execs for TV ratings, TV/Movie licensing deals, lucrative advertising contracts, and the affections of the lovely nature show producer on the top floor. Obviously it wasn’t based on the sketch comedy show of the same name (although they were both inspired by the same satire magazine). Although it received little fanfare, it was unique and fun. Years later, Realmforge and Kalypso Media released M.U.D TV (which stands for Mad, Ugly, Dirty Television), a game that is more than inspired by the classic title, although the developers claimed they never played it. Anyway, the game is just as fun as the game it apparently isn’t based on, even if the game gets a bit too difficult at times.
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TV’s Wonder Woman Costume, Logo, and Villain

The pilot episode for NBC’s Wonder Woman show is being filmed currently, and with it lots of official and unofficial news. Firstly is the logo for the show, snapped off the back of one of the chairs on set courtesy WonderWomanTV. This may be a temporary logo, and might not even be used in the show’s titles.

Now the costume….
First of all, I’m just going to say that Adrianne Palicki As Wonder Woman is ridiculously hot. Of course any attractive woman in a costume that tight with that much cleavage was going to be hot.

Is the costume accurate? Well its certainly nothing like what Lynda Carter wore, showing off less leg and a lot more shine. Seriously, is this made out of plastic? The pants aren’t a huge deal honestly, but they probably should’ve gone black instead of blue for the final version of the outfit. Likewise, red boots. In fact, the Jim Lee version of Wonder Woman would have worked great for a prime time show, leather jacket and all. But yeah, the costume hits all the basic notes of a Wonder Woman costume, including the tiara, the bracelets, and of course the bust.

Its about Smallville quality and easily more impressive than The Cape, though not quite as cool as Dina Meyer’s Batgirl from BoP. Its seriously bright, and if the tone of the show matches the outfit, then we might be headed for disaster. On the other hand, David E Kelley got NBC to pick up yet another super hero show after a string of disasters, so I hope there is something to this. And maybe when she’s not in a photography studio, the outfit won’t look so over-saturated.

As a bonus, we also have a look at Elizabeth Hurley as the show’s villain, who is yet unnamed. Also, since she’s just wearing normal clothes, we don’t have any leads. In fact, this could very well just be a photo of Elizabeth Hurley walking in LA. Photo from Superhero Hype!

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Powetcast 41: Stealing 40 Cakes (and Your Heart)

TV premieres galore! Plus DC ends Wildstorm, and your dreams.

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T is for The Tick

Since the alphabet is the building block of our language, the Powet Alphabet is the building block of what makes us geeks.

I know many followers of the site were expecting me to do Transformers for T. I think one of the great things about this article series, though, is the randomness and variety of topics we span from week to week. I like to see articles that I don’t necessarily expect on familiar and/or unfamiliar topics. I could not think of anything more random and unexpected than just about anything from a Tick story. For that very reason T is for The Tick.


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POWETcast Episode 1: Revenge of the POWETcast

Alright folks, we’re finally ready to unveil the latest addition to the site: the POWETcast! In our oft-delayed premiere episode we talk about the upcoming Nintendo DSi, GABO, Watchmen, Keanu Reeves, TMNT 25, Grand Theft Auto, goatse, the Wrestler, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Final Crisis #6, and so much more! Plus, if we have time we’ll go over everything we’re looking forward to in 2009 (SPOILERS: We don’t, but that stuff is coming!). So come along with us on an audio journey into the heart of geekness. Just don’t forget to bring a replica weapon from your favorite sci-fi franchise…


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