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Constantine trailer released from NBC

Hot on the heals of the Community cancellation announcement, NBC has released a trailer for their upcoming Constantine series. The series is based on the Hellblazer comics from DC and follows John Constantine, a paranormal detective of sorts. Constantine will be coming to NBC on Fridays this fall.

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NBC reveals first photo of Matt Ryan as John Constantine


NBC has released the first official image (seen above) of Matt Ryan as John Constantine. Constantine, a character from the DC Comics universe who has starred in the Hellblazer and Constantine series, not to mention got his own feature film starring Keanu Reeves, will be brought to the small screen in the form of a TV pilot. The lead, Matt Ryan, has previously appeared in “Torchwood” and “The Tudors”.

No word yet on when the pilot will air beyond this fall.

[Source: Variety]

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NBC Renews Community for Fifth Season


…and cancels Whitney, the sophomore comedy that is partly to blame for Community’s late start, making Community and Parks and Recreation the only veteran comedies on the schedule next fall. The fourth season has proved the show can survive without Dan Harmon, but what will it be like without Chevy Chase?

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Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop Trailer

Conan has been at home for months at his show on TBS, its almost easy to forget that he was a star at NBC for 22 years and was ejected from his seat as part of a talk show dynasty. Conan took to the road with his writers and band and performed sold out live shows for the fans that craved more during the months he was off air. A camera crew followed, and now its a movie called Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop.

Fittingly, the movie will only play in a few cities before appearing on cable video on demand services next month.
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NBC Will Not Air Wonder Woman

I really tried to get excited about Wonder Woman. David E Kelley didn’t exactly have a lot of credentials for Superhero shows, but at least he knew how to write shows with female leads.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Adrianne Palicki will not appear on TV as Diana Prince or Wonder Woman. Apparently the big problem wasn’t so much the costume (which fans derided) but Kelley’s script that didn’t have enough action and test audiences reported mixed reviews.

So what will happen now? Warner Bros TV might try to shop the show around, they do own several cable outlets and have a stake in the CW. For that matter, the CW might take the show they previously passed on since Smallville’s final episode airs tonight.

The short history of Wonder Woman can be followed here:
Adrianne Palicki Cast As Wonder Woman on February 16
TVís Wonder Woman Costume, Logo, and Villain on March 18
Wonder Woman Set Pictures, The Costume Has Changed! on March 30
From casting to cancelled in less than 3 months!

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Wonder Woman Set Pictures, The Costume Has Changed!

On the left, we have the first on set picture of Adrianne Palicki in the Wonder Woman costume. As you can see, the costume has change significantly from our first look. The shiny pants are gone, and the boots are now red. The stars on the legs were there before, but are a little more visible thanks to a change in the material.

The photo on the right is the same costume worn by someone who is clearly Palicki’s body/stunt double. Or maybe she’s making a weird face. Either way, she’s jumped up on top of that car, so we can look forward to Wonder Woman doing that in the pilot.

What do you think? Is this an improvement on the costume, like the old way better, or still think another direction was needed? Leave a comment below!
Photos courtesy SFX.CO.UK

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TV’s Wonder Woman Costume, Logo, and Villain

The pilot episode for NBC’s Wonder Woman show is being filmed currently, and with it lots of official and unofficial news. Firstly is the logo for the show, snapped off the back of one of the chairs on set courtesy WonderWomanTV. This may be a temporary logo, and might not even be used in the show’s titles.

Now the costume….
First of all, I’m just going to say that Adrianne Palicki As Wonder Woman is ridiculously hot. Of course any attractive woman in a costume that tight with that much cleavage was going to be hot.

Is the costume accurate? Well its certainly nothing like what Lynda Carter wore, showing off less leg and a lot more shine. Seriously, is this made out of plastic? The pants aren’t a huge deal honestly, but they probably should’ve gone black instead of blue for the final version of the outfit. Likewise, red boots. In fact, the Jim Lee version of Wonder Woman would have worked great for a prime time show, leather jacket and all. But yeah, the costume hits all the basic notes of a Wonder Woman costume, including the tiara, the bracelets, and of course the bust.

Its about Smallville quality and easily more impressive than The Cape, though not quite as cool as Dina Meyer’s Batgirl from BoP. Its seriously bright, and if the tone of the show matches the outfit, then we might be headed for disaster. On the other hand, David E Kelley got NBC to pick up yet another super hero show after a string of disasters, so I hope there is something to this. And maybe when she’s not in a photography studio, the outfit won’t look so over-saturated.

As a bonus, we also have a look at Elizabeth Hurley as the show’s villain, who is yet unnamed. Also, since she’s just wearing normal clothes, we don’t have any leads. In fact, this could very well just be a photo of Elizabeth Hurley walking in LA. Photo from Superhero Hype!

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Adrianne Palicki Cast As Wonder Woman

Via the DC Nation twitter, we now know who will be TV’s next Wonder Woman.

Adrianne Palicki, a 27 year old actress best known for the recently concluded series Friday Night Lights, will take up the role of Diana Prince and the alter ego Wonder Woman. After several attemps by DC parent company Warner Bros to bring Wonder Woman to the silver screen in recent years, the prospect of a TV series was recently taken up by veteran David E. Kelley. Kelley, whose credits include Boston Public, Ally McBeal, and The Practice. A pilot episode is expect to begin production soon for NBC, which will be extended to a full season order if successful.

Previously a Wonder Woman series starring Lynda Carter ran for 3 seasons from 1975 to 1979 first on ABC and then CBS.

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