Alright folks, we’re finally ready to unveil the latest addition to the site: the POWETcast! In our oft-delayed premiere episode we talk about the upcoming Nintendo DSi, GABO, Watchmen, Keanu Reeves, TMNT 25, Grand Theft Auto, goatse, the Wrestler, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Final Crisis #6, and so much more! Plus, if we have time we’ll go over everything we’re looking forward to in 2009 (SPOILERS: We don’t, but that stuff is coming!). So come along with us on an audio journey into the heart of geekness. Just don’t forget to bring a replica weapon from your favorite sci-fi franchise…


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Show notes after the jump.

Temporary theme: Glomag – Pocket Calculator
Other music: Talib Kweli/Madlib – Over the Counter
LCD Soundsystem – Tribulations
MSTRKRFT – Work on You

08:51 – We’re referring to this video

GTA spoilers end at 00:50:10
Final Crisis spoilers end 01:16:00
Battlestar spoilers end 01:24:50

Adam said “penis tattoos” during the Rock Band discussion.