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The Powet Top 5 – Michael Bay movies

Michael Bay and Shia LaBeouf in Transformers

Michael Bay is not a liked man amongst people who like movies. I like movies and I don’t hate Michael Bay! Actually I like his movies quite a bit. Call them what you will, popcorn flicks, mindless entertainment, whatever, I don’t really respect those terms, I just like movies that are fun to watch so here are five pretty damned fun movies that are directed by Michael Bay.

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Fast and Furious 6 trailer – vehicular warfare

The Fast and Furious 6 is coming our way Memorial Day 2013 (May 27). We get our first look at some of the plot in this first extended trailer. Looks like pretty much the whole cast is back including Vin Diesel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris and Paul Walker, among others.

I don’t really find anything extraordinary about this franchise, but I think its pretty far from awful too. You sit down and watch one of these movies and you are going to be entertained. You may not leave the theater with a new outlook on life, but you probably won’t feel as though you’ve wasted the evening. So far, this sixth installment feels in line with all of that.

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GI Joe hype machine resets, third Retaliation trailer revealed

Just shy of two months from the one year anniversary of the first trailer for GI Joe Retaliation making its splash on a worldwide Super Bowl audience, we are seeing the film’s third trailer. Since the intial splash of the first trailer, the movie was postponed, partially refilmed and converted to 3D. I’m not sure this movie can overcome the initial hype gut punch it received from the postponement. There are only a couple scenes we haven’t seen before, one including Duke (Channing Tatum), seemingly confirming that his death was rewritten as part of the postponement. I’m not sure I can be as excited about this as I was almost a year ago, but I’m still looking forward to it.

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

GI Joe Retaliation comes to theaters on March 29th 2013.

[EDIT – I moved the trailer below because it was auto playing anytime the front page loaded. Click on the article to view the trailer.]

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GI Joe: Retaliation delayed nine months for 3D conversion

The scheduled release date of GI Joe: Retaliation has been moved back nine months from June 29th, 2012 to March 13, 2013. According the Deadline, the reason is reportedly a decision to do a post-production conversion to 3D.

Choice quote:

We’re going to do a conscientious 3D job because we’ve seen how it can better box office internationally, … Jim Cameron did all of Titanic‘s 3D in post — and look how well that movie turned out.

As a fan, I’m utterly disappointed. As a business decision, I think they are foolishly ignoring the positive hype they’ve worked so hard to build around this movie. The move may allow the film to perform better, though, due to fewer blockbuster movies opening around the same time and the better performance of 3D films internationally, added to the increased cost per ticket.

I am curious to see how this year’s JoeCon will procede since it seemed pretty clearly scheduled to coincide very closely with the movie’s release. You can imagine the fan disappointment in that circle. How about Hasbro? They have an entire toy line planned for release this summer with no movie to support it for another nine months. I’m going to go ahead and call this a totally inconsiderate move by Paramount to all of its partners.

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‘G.I. JOE Retaliation’ Trailer 2

I don’t recall Roadblock ever leading the Joes except for a maybe a couple of missions, but with Dwayne Johnson in the roll, Marvin Hinton is running the show.

As we learned from the previous trailer, Zartan disguised as the US President has ordered the entire GIJOE team executed, with only Roadblock, Flint, and Lady Jaye surviving. All three are new characters to the movie series, and although we see Channing Tatum reprise his roll as Duke, we’re left to assume he’s dead.

You’ll spot a little more of Cobra Commander, some HISS Tanks rolling up to the US Capitol, and of course a bit more of Bruce Willis as Joe Colton. If the first Joe movie lacked star power, the sequel isn’t wanting for it.

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First G.I. Joe: Retaliation Trailer

The first trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which comes out 6/29/2012, was released today.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Entertainment Tonight shows first behind the scenes look at GI Joe 2: Retaliation

GI Joe 2: Retaliation will be hitting theaters on June 29, 2012 starring Channing Tatum, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Adrianne Palicki and Ray Park.

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