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Powetcast 145: Late and Incomplete

Better late than never?

A few days before the American Thanksgiving holiday we recorded a podcast talking about the Wii U and shared some Thanksgiving and Black Friday stories.

Unfortunatly due to some kind of recording error (likely I forgot to hit a button to save) we lost the second half of the show. All that survives really is most of the Wii U stuff. Sorry!

We will try harder next time, I promise.

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Music: “Monkey Man” – Rolling Stones

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$20 Game of the Week: Green Everyday Edition

So you’re wondering why I didn’t throw this up for Black Friday. Well number one, you obviously want the weekend free to spend time with your loved ones right? Two, these aren’t black Friday sales. In fact, they aren’t Cyber Monday, Brown Thursday, White Saturday, Blue Tuesday, or Red October sales. You can get these games for $20 or less regardless of what time of the year you buy them, so there is no need to get up early, stand in line at 2am, fight through the crowd, or use pepper spray on anyone. You save on these games 24/7/365, so these are Green Everyday sales. Of course Green Everyday sounds stupid, so we’ll just call it the $20 Game of the Week like we’ve been doing.

P.S. These are all downloadable, so you ain’t even gotta leave your house!
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