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$20 Game of the Week: Jamestown – Legend of the Lost Colony (PC)

Jamestown is an independently developed bullet hell game. Developed and financed over a 2 year period by a three person team, Jamestown tells the tale of an alternate reality 17th century where the British are at conflict with the Spanish over colonies being established on Mars. In a deviation from our history books, the Spanish team up with martian aliens to wreak havoc on the British. Your character is a former prisoner saved from execution who sets out to clear his name. There are only 5 levels, but they are challenging and many of them have to be unlocked. You can use money earned during the missions to upgrade your ship. Up to 4 players can join you locally, and players will enjoy the beautiful graphics and twitch gameplay. Jamestown was included in Humble Indie Bundle 4, and it has downloadable content available for it on Steam. Fans of old-school shooters will love it, and if you got 3 friends, the co-op makes it even better.

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Powet Top 5 – Bullet Hell Games

Everyone likes a challenge, right? It’s the cornerstone of video gaming or gaming in general and gives us things to strive for. Several different gaming genres catered to specific challenges that gamers wanted to test their skills at. Want to see how well you can memorize things? Try Mortal Kombat or Killer Instinct for their ability to throw insane combo strings at you. Want to test your mettle and see how much of a brave person you are? Go ahead and play Silent Hill 2 or the more recent Slender to see how much you are, in fact, a little girl.

Want to be barraged by near-endless curtains of projectile death in order to see how well your dodging skills are and your resistance to collapsing into twitching messes? Bullet Hell games are right up your alley!

A sub-genre of the classic shoot’em-up games, Bullet Hell gaming is exactly what it sounds like – you doing nothing but maneuvering into endless waves of bullet-like projectiles with a emphasis on precise movements in order to survive. The sub-genre itself isn’t as recent as some people might think, but it’s only gotten more insane with time. Here’s a list of top Bullet Hell games that leave people with twitchy fingers and darting eyeballs for day afterwards, and be sure to let us know what yours are if any were missed!
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$20 Game of the Week: Green Everyday Edition

So you’re wondering why I didn’t throw this up for Black Friday. Well number one, you obviously want the weekend free to spend time with your loved ones right? Two, these aren’t black Friday sales. In fact, they aren’t Cyber Monday, Brown Thursday, White Saturday, Blue Tuesday, or Red October sales. You can get these games for $20 or less regardless of what time of the year you buy them, so there is no need to get up early, stand in line at 2am, fight through the crowd, or use pepper spray on anyone. You save on these games 24/7/365, so these are Green Everyday sales. Of course Green Everyday sounds stupid, so we’ll just call it the $20 Game of the Week like we’ve been doing.

P.S. These are all downloadable, so you ain’t even gotta leave your house!
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