So you’re wondering why I didn’t throw this up for Black Friday. Well number one, you obviously want the weekend free to spend time with your loved ones right? Two, these aren’t black Friday sales. In fact, they aren’t Cyber Monday, Brown Thursday, White Saturday, Blue Tuesday, or Red October sales. You can get these games for $20 or less regardless of what time of the year you buy them, so there is no need to get up early, stand in line at 2am, fight through the crowd, or use pepper spray on anyone. You save on these games 24/7/365, so these are Green Everyday sales. Of course Green Everyday sounds stupid, so we’ll just call it the $20 Game of the Week like we’ve been doing.

P.S. These are all downloadable, so you ain’t even gotta leave your house!

Gundemonium Collection (PSN, PC)
Rockin Android is a relative newcomer to the gaming scene. Established in 2008, the company’s aim is primarily bringing Japanese Indie games to the U.S. Via downloadable platforms. Gundemonium Collection is a triple pack of side-scrolling shooters (these days, the genre is referred to as Bullet Hell) that is available on PSN and Steam. Each game featured multiple playable characters, unique gameplay mechanics, and several hidden bonuses. The games take place in an anime/steampunk universe as the characters within fight a war against evil forces. Of course like the great shooters of old, you’ll learn more about the story from the instruction manuals than the actual games. The games have a punishing difficulty level, although it only adds to the old-school appeal. Fans of Radiant Silvergun and Ikagura will want to add this to their collection.

DLC Quest (Xbox Live Arcade)
The gaming community as a whole has mixed feelings towards downloadable content. At best, DLC extends the life of a game greatly (Oblivion’s Shivering Isles, Dragon Age’s Awakening, Fallout 3’s Mothership Zeta). At worst, DLC is yet another way for companies to nickel and dime players for things that used to come free (Marvel vs Capcom 3 costumes, Oblivion’s Horse Armor). What if there was a game that took DLC to the extreme? Indie title DLC quest is just that game, or at least a satire on that game. DLC quest if your standard ‘save-the-princess’ tale. Of course, everything from basic animations to the ability to pause must be purchased via in-game DLC with coins that you find in-game (so don’t worry, you don’t spend any real money). There is even horse armor available (and it’s even more useful here than in Oblivion!). You can complete it in 10 minutes, and it only takes a little longer than that in order to get all the achievements. The game is only a dollar, and you’ll get a kick out it’s quirky 8-bit style. Not too many people check the indie gaming section of Xbox Live, but there is a lot of cool stuff there.

The Political Machine 2008 (PC)
In a few short months, it will once again be election year. If the rhetoric on both sides of the aisle is any indication, then this could easily become one of the ugliest ever. Thanks to Stardock, creators of (one of the first digital distribution platforms for PC gaming), you can hit the campaign trail and participate firsthand in the insanity that we’ll be dealing with come next fall, albeit with cartoonish graphics. In The Political Machine 2008, you take control of one of many historic candidates (or create your own) as you try to win all 270 electoral votes. You host fundraisers, participate in interviews, and hire staff in hopes of taking the white house. You can play through several scenarios, including an alien world and the European Union. The game features many unlockable candidates such as Thomas Jefferson and John F Kennedy. Sadly, there is no option to play as a third party candidate. The Political Machine is an easy-to-play strategy title that’s both fun and educational. You might as well get it now and brace yourself for what’s coming next year.