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Soundgarden Will Release Hits Retrospective With Next Guitar Hero

Soundgarden announced their intent to reunite some time ago (the group split back in 97) and they’ll take the stage for the first time since then at Lollapalooza this weekend. Coincidentally, it was at Lollapalooza in 1996 that I saw Soundgarden while touring in support of their last studio album.
Anyway, their next release is Telephantasm, which is much like their last release A-Sides, a greatest hits album with one new song. What a value to those of us who supported Soundgarden and already own the albums!

Its not all doom and gloom though, since the first million copies of the next Guitar Hero title, Warriors Of Rock, will include the single CD version that album. The unreleased song “Black Rain” will be on the CD and will be available for play in the game. The game releases September 28, and the standalone release of Telephantasm will not release until October 5, so you can get a limited Soundgarden fix a week early!

Hit the jump for the full track listings to the CD and the limited edition CD/DVD combo.

Source: SPIN
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$20 GOTW and Lost Classics Post Thanksgiving Special


Well, now that the turkey is digested and the Black Friday bargain hunting is done, it’s time to get a start on your holiday shopping. Of course, I’m here to help you get a head start. For the $20 GOTW, I’ve got one of those new-fangled rhythm games that the kids seem to love so much, and for the lost classic, I got one of those old-school style PC RPGs that a select few tend to love.
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Breaking News: Guitar Hero Beatallica has through an insider source come across a promotional video for the next Guitar Hero game. In an effort to combat the announcement of Beatles Rock Band, Activision is doing a game based on the music of Beatallica.
We bring you this video exclusively on Powet.TV!

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Guitar Hero World Tour Drums

OK, so Guitar Hero is going the Rock Band route and introducing drums. I wasn’t eager to see this, as I don’t think my living room needs another drum kit. But after watching this video where Travis Barker, Chad Smith, and Stewart Copeland scrutinize the set, I’m eager to at least try it out. Will Guitar Hero reclaim the crown from all the Rock Band devotees? Hard to say, but Activision isn’t fooling around.

Following the cut are the press release and debut trailer [Read the rest of this entry…]

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Halo 3 Leftovers!

After I finished the last of the stuffing and made myself a turkey sandwich, I decided to also finish opening all the Halo stuff I got back in September when Halo 3 came out.

Products reviewed in this episode include
Xbox 360 Wireless Halo 3 Spartan Controller, Halo 3 Topps Trading Cards Pack, and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Today only get Halo 3 Legendary Edition for only $59.99!

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Guitar Hero III: Final Track Listing

So you’re bored at work on this Monday morning and humming “Suck My Kiss” by Red Hot Chilli Peppers and wondering when you’ll be able to expand upon this by duplicating the song’s rhythm on a fully plastic guitar. I’ve got good news for you then. That song is included in Guitar Hero III’s full song lineup. Xbox 360 Fanboy posted all the songs with links to youtube videos.

The much talked about demo, which is available on Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, in Official Xbox Magazine, and as a torrent, will be available for Xbox Live members tomorrow.

Continue for the alphabetically organized song list. Cheer for the artists, jeer for the “as made famous by” listings. [Read the rest of this entry…]

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Guitar Hero III: New vids, Demo Coming

Thoughts arrive like butterflies, yeah

Here’s a video of Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow” in Guitar Hero III. It amazes me how these games manage to pack more notes that are required to play it on an actual guitar, but they gotta add something for the higher difficulty levels! More videos at Gametrailers, including PAT BENATAR.
Nathan Smart tells me that the official Xbox 360 Magazine contains a demo with several songs and should be on newsstands soon. With GHIII less than 2 weeks away, its a short term stop gap to rock, but 360 owners with 10 bucks to blow on a demo magazine should be pleased.

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Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero Encore Tracks

kramervanhalen.jpgWe’ve got not one, but TWO Guitar Hero sequels heading our way.

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks The 80s will be out this summer and will be functionally identical to Guitar Hero II, just with an 80s theme. It will be released only to the PS2, but songs from the disc are likely to appear as downloadable content on Xbox Live for Xbox 360.

Guitar Hero III will hit PS2, PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360. The new guitar designs will be based on the Gibson Les Paul (my guitar!) and the Gibson Kramer (seen at left with celebrity endorsement)

Songs revealed so far after the break [Read the rest of this entry…]

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