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Review: Rock Band 2

This is the latest in Powet Editor Zac Shipley’s series on video game culture in Madison, WI for TheDailyPage.

Rock Band 2 retains title as the Golden God of music games
Music and video games have been naturally complimentary since the latter became complex enough to emit more than a single beep. Rhythm games have allowed players to experience music by tapping out beats on controllers, using dance pads, or even shaking maracas. But there has been no game as successful at simulating the truly American art form of rock ‘n’ roll as Rock Band. >More

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Soul Calibur On Drums

Button Mashing is old and busted. Drumming is the new hotness!
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Rock Band on WYOU in Madison, WI

WYOU Community TV in Madison, WI is in the middle of a 4 week series of airing local Rock Band gamers playing short sets and pitting them against each other for prizes. I stopped by the studio last week and filed this report for The Daily Page: Stars are born with Virtual Rock Band on WYOU

Read more by Zac Shipley at The Daily Page.

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Rock Band Wii A Mixed Blessing


Wii gamers who haven’t added a 360 or PS3 to their console cabinet can rejoice that Rock Band, the best reason to own a next gen console, is making its way to waggle town.
Good News: Its coming June 22 in the US for $169.99 Full press release follows after the jump.
Bad News: No song downloads. And no online play. All the friend codes in the world won’t help you now.
Worse News: Europe still has no release date for any system.
Strong bets are the Wii version is a port of the PS2 release, which also excluded the character customization. Harmonix insist it isn’t an idea they’ve given up on, but they’re hampered by Nintendo’s shortcomings in this arena.
There is only one way to save Rock Band on Wii, and thats to make all the in game characters into Miis. Yes, its no replacement for the online functionality that makes the game the sure hit, but it would at least play well to the Wii Sports audience. Also it wouldn’t hurt to ship the game in stereo sound, unlike Guitar Hero III.

From Kotaku: Harmonix: No DLC for Rock Band Wii…Yet

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Rock Jam: Fixes Broken Rock Band Instruments

Theres been some problems with the first batch of guitars, drum pedals, and even microphones that come with Rock Band. Luckily, there is now a way to quickly fix them without sending off for a full repair and replace from EA.

Courtesy of Mega64.

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Rock Band: Final Track Listing

The other day we found out the final track list of Guitar Hero III, and its only fair we post the other major music simulator. I’ve compiled (at great time expense) videos for the track listing. The lead off track is “Gimme Shelter” by The Rolling Stones, at least chronologically. You might remember this song being in the Martin Scorsese films Goodfellas, Casino, and The Departed, and as well as being the title to the historic documentary about the final show on the Stones final 1969 tour.
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Rock Band Content Downloads Weekly

Xbox360Fanboy cornered Harmonix at E3 and found out some of the best news I’ve ever heard for any music game in the history of forever.

Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos announced that Rock Band has some serious plans for delivering content to players. First off, Harmonix plans to release new music tracks every week. They can be released in singles, multi track bundles, or more deliciously, full albums. As an example Alex announced that The Who’s Who’s Next would be available for download following the game’s release.

I was already thinking I’d want to get Rock Band for the drums. Knowing I can play as Keith Moon on my favorite album by own of my favorite bands is personally very exciting. I cannot expect you, dear reader, to understand. Maybe you can get excited at the idea of your favorite album to get added to the list. But right now the only one they’ve announced is my favorite album.

I call that a bargain… the best I ever had.

thanks to RJK for the news!

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