The new Mortal Kombat is less than a month away from its release on April 19th in the US, and despite not having officially released trailers or imagery for all the characters that will be playable in the game, some new images have been leaked that show the entire roster of the game along with the each character’s VS portrait.
The image shows several characters that had been more or less “revealed” as going to be in the game, yet hadn’t had any renders released. Likewise, the new “Cyborg Sub-Zero” portrait is included, signifying him as a possible unlockable character.

A character selection screen has also been leaked in tangent with the VS portraits. Both images can be found on the Mortal Kombat Online forums, along with a collection of other leaks and information and game speculation, including info on Kenshi revealed not long ago as a DLC character, along with the titular “Lady in Red” (the character fans long ago nicknamed “Skarlett” from previous fan fame). We’ll keep you updated with any more info as it comes out, including the supposed Xbox exclusive character creator Ed Boon has been hinting towards in his twitter that will be opposite the PS3 exclusive Kratos.