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MattyCollector’s Thundercats subscription now up for orders


One of the big surprises this past year at SDCC was the discovery that Mattel had acquired the Thundercats license. This news was immediately followed up with the announcement of a new Thundercats action figure subscription to be available on They even had two early versions of Lion-O and Jackalman.

Mattel_Thundercats_TNI_Jackalman Mattel_Thundercats_TNI_Lion-0

Figures in this subscription include:
Lion–O™ (09/16)
Jackalman™ (10/16)
Pumyra™ (11/16)
Panthro™ (12/16)
Club-exclusive: Mumm–Ra (11/16)

This differs than the initial announcement’s lineup with two figures missing, Jaga and Grune.

You can order your subscription here.
The ordering window will close on Friday 2/26/16 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

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Toy Fair 2012: Bandai Thundercats (or lack thereof)

In a truly bizarre move, Bandai chose not to show anything new for their Thundercats line. Everything on display is either currently out at retail or soon will be and was already known. The only item I hadn’t seen before was a set of super deformed thundercats characters (pictured above). From what I can tell, though, that set is already out at retail priced at about US$27.99. Considering last year’s show was a huge debut for the line with lots of new items for this line, this is extremely disappointing.

The image in banner hails from They have a full gallery of the Thundercats display here.

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Thundercats short – Snarf: Butterfly Blues

This week on Cartoon Network, a Thundercats short was aired featuring Snarf. It appears to be a take off of Looney Tunes. Its cute and the re-worked introduction theme works perfectly. Also, for those who love easter eggs, continue on after the jump for a special screenshot from the clip!

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Reminder: Thundercats episode 10 ‘Sight Beyond Sight’ airs tonight

A friendly reminder to all that a new episode of the Thundercats airs this evening on Cartoon Network at 8:30 EST. Lion-O and the Thundercats vist the Elephant village in search of one of the magical gems. There is another promo video after the jump.

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First 9 minutes of new Thundercats surfaces

The first 9 minutes of the series premiere of the Thundercats has surfaced (and posted above). This has hooked me in like no other trailer has. If I had any doubts, they have been cast aside with anticipation for this series premiere. The show’s animation looks fantastic and the story being setup is interesting. Also, Wily Kit and Wily Kat are ADORABLE!

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New Thundercats Test Animation: Slithe vs Lion-O

EDIT: Several sites are reporting this animation is from a scraped movie 2 years ago. We’ll update when we know more.

Bandai and Warner Bros are hard at work on a Thundercats reboot. We’ve already seen the toys. Now take a look at the cartoon show expected to accompany them.

The clip features a young, inexperienced Lion-O training on his own until he is confronted by Slithe. Its very clear these are different characters than what we might be used to. Lion-O especially is completely re-written. What do you think of the animation?
(via Flixist)

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