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MattyCollector’s Thundercats subscription now up for orders


One of the big surprises this past year at SDCC was the discovery that Mattel had acquired the Thundercats license. This news was immediately followed up with the announcement of a new Thundercats action figure subscription to be available on They even had two early versions of Lion-O and Jackalman.

Mattel_Thundercats_TNI_Jackalman Mattel_Thundercats_TNI_Lion-0

Figures in this subscription include:
Lion–O™ (09/16)
Jackalman™ (10/16)
Pumyra™ (11/16)
Panthro™ (12/16)
Club-exclusive: Mumm–Ra (11/16)

This differs than the initial announcement’s lineup with two figures missing, Jaga and Grune.

You can order your subscription here.
The ordering window will close on Friday 2/26/16 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

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Species of Thundercats’ Third Earth image surfaces on tumblr

I came across a link on Twitter that was retweeted by one of the writers on the new Thundercats show currently airing on Cartoon Network. The link pointed a tumblr page with an image of different species from Third Earth, the planet, on which, the series takes place.
The text of the tweet I followed was:

This probably shouldn’t have been released, but it’s on this guy’s Tumblr, soooooo – species of Third Earth:…

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