Ever since the end of the 16 bit era, Sega has been making it’s back catalog of Sega Genesis titles in any way they can, starting with the Sega Smash Pack on Dreamcast, compilations on PS2, Xbox 360, and PS3, re-releases on digital platforms such as android, iOS, and Xbox Live, and more recently Steam. Speaking of Steam, the genesis re-leases were simply bundles of titles with not much of an interface. It was pretty lacking compared to say, Sonic’s Mega Genesis Collection. However, this changed as of a few weeks ago thanks to D3 entertainment. If you own any of Steam’s Sega Genesis games (which include everything from Comix Zone and Streets of Rage to Eternal Champions and Crackdown), you now have access to SEGA Genesis & Mega Drive Classics collection. Upon firing it up, you’ll find yourself in a 3-D room full of 90s Genesis memorabilia, including a couple of issues of Sonic’s comic book. You can adjust any of the options and launch a title by picking it off your shelf. The room’s day and night cycle is controlled by your clock. Not to shabby. However the real treat is that SGMDC now supports the Steam Workshop, Steam’s mod database. That’s right, now you can legally romhack Genesis games. You’ll find everything on the workshop from versions of Sonic featuring Mario and Kirby, Japanese versions of certain games, and what may very well be the greatest Sega mod of all time, “Streets of Rage II except enemies make weird Tim Allen noises when they die”. There is already a selection of Sega games on Steam right now, hopefully this means we’ll see more. Maybe even some Sega CD games, or even Sega Saturn titles!