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Powetcast 142: Gonna Wreck It!

We talk Wreck it Ralph, the aborted US adaptation of Sailor Moon, and of course the surprise purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney.

Optimistic for the future, bewildered by the past, and high on sour kids, this is The Powetcast.

Join the discussion! Leave a comment about what you think of a new Star Wars movie without George Lucas. You don’t even have to listen to the podcast. Just say something.

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Disney buys Lucasfilm, Star Wars Episode 7 coming in 2015

News is starting to break that a blockbuster deal has taken place with Disney purchasing Lucasfilm. It seems George Lucas was ready to retire. Lucasfilm was entirely owned by Lucas. In the deal worth US$4.05 Billion, half was in cash, while the other half was in the form of about 40 million shares.

The first I heard about it was here.

Further articles revealed that Star Wars Episode 7 is coming with a target release year of 2015. Lucas will serve as a creative consultant for the film, while current co-chair of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy will serve as executive producer in addition to her new role as President of Lucasfilm and brand manager of Star Wars.

This is a developing story. We will have more as we hear it.

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A good reason not to buy Star Wars on Blu-Ray

Darth Vader screaming No - Star Wars Episode III - Rise of the Sith

George Lucas, creator of three of history’s all time favourite science fiction movies, and enemy of film history for his treatment of those same movies, has done it again. With the upcoming release of the three good Star Wars movies and three bad Star Wars movies on Blu-Ray there has been much speculation about the changes, but one change has now been confirmed by the New York Times. In the climactic scene in Return of the Jedi where Darth Vader confronts the Emperor, the most hated line from the most hated movie of the most hated Star Wars trilogy has been added. Darth Vader screams “Nooooooooo!” to clarify his previously nebulous feelings on the Emperor’s torturing of his son.

Check out a clip of the scene below:
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Powet Alphabet: I is for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Since the alphabet is the building block of our language, the Powet Alphabet is the building block of what makes us geeks.

Surely Indiana Jones belongs in any list of the greatest characters ever put on film. Aside from the role as the (also list worthy) Han Solo, Indy is what defines Harrison Ford as a tough, charismatic actor.
He was introduced in the film “Raiders of The Lost Ark” and thats a great movie. But I’m going to focus on the movie where the character’s name actually appears above the title, “Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom”
I know this article series is supposed to focus on a lot of stuff that we as geeks either do or should respect. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is maybe the antithesis of that. We must know it so that we may learn its mistakes.
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