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Powetcast 142: Gonna Wreck It!

We talk Wreck it Ralph, the aborted US adaptation of Sailor Moon, and of course the surprise purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney.

Optimistic for the future, bewildered by the past, and high on sour kids, this is The Powetcast.

Join the discussion! Leave a comment about what you think of a new Star Wars movie without George Lucas. You don’t even have to listen to the podcast. Just say something.

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Continue on for related links, show notes, and the exit music.

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Movie Posters: Wreck-It Ralph

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Powetcast 123: Is Zangief A ‘Bad’ Guy?

Cap, Zac, and Adam talk Lollipop Chainsaw, Young Justice, and Wreck it Ralph and then let the conversation turn to the debate about if Zangief or any of the original 8 Street Fighter II characters are “bad” guys.

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Direct Link:Powetcast 123: Is Zangief A ‘Bad’ Guy?

Show Notes follow:
Music: Jackson Five / Naughty By Nature – “ABC OPP”

Lollipop Chainsaw: Jessica Nigri in japan, The cast of Lollipop Chainsaw
Young Justice – CN site (no epsidoes, lame)
Wreck It Ralph – trailer, game
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‘Wreck It Ralph’ Trailer, Disney’s Classic Video Game Tribute Movie

In the same way that ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ set a story against the back drop of the world of classic cartoons, and ‘Toy Story’ showed the secret lives of toys, Disney now has ‘Wreck It Ralph’ for the world of video games.

Ralph the villain of an old arcade game, ‘Fix It Felix.’ But he doesn’t want to be a bad guy anymore. So he leaves his game to find one where he can be a hero.

Even in a 2 minute trailer there are TONS of video game cameos. I spotted Boswer, Kano, Q Bert, Doctor Robotnik, Zangief, and more. This movie is going be a serious thrill ride for anyone who plays or has played classic games. Oh, and it looks pretty funny too. Voice cast includes John C Reilly, Jane Lynch, Jack McBrayer, Sarah Silverman. Wreck It Ralph comes to theaters November 2, 2012.

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