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Animal Crossing Movie Review

Animal Crossing Movie

You can get the movie through one of the links below:
Amazon Japan

Note that you will need a region 2 or region free DVD player to play this movie.

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Dance Dance Revolution comes to the Wii

Dance Dance Revolution for the WiiKonami is desiging a new Dance Dance Revolution game exclusively for the Wii. The game will use classic DDR pads which plug into the Gamecube’s controller ports in conjunction with hand movements using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck.

With support of up to 4 players it’s a good thing the Gamecube pads for Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix are also compatible. Since this is a more traditional Dance Dance Revolution game when compared to the Mario Mix variation this will be the first standard DDR game made available on a Nintendo system. Many of the more classic modes of play will also be available in this title.

This IGN articles gives us a very in depth look at the prelimenary game though as they note many aspects could be changed or polished before this title is actually released.

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Gaming Archaeology: Totaka’s Song, Part 3

One of Nintendo’s music composers, Kazumi Totaka, likes to hide a certain signature tune in the deepest, darkest crannies of his games. For details on the established facts, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our coverage on the subject.

Today, we bring you a brand-new viewer-submitted discovery from within Luigi’s Mansion, a game previously previously held as my white whale.

Also: a nod to Wii Sports. Let’s all go dissect it.

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Miyamoto Explains Righty Link, Wii ‘Twilight Princess’ Mirrored

WiiFor the past few weeks, people have been talking about Link’s sudden change in dexterity in the upcoming ‘Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess’.  Traditionally, Link has always been left-handed, until now…sort of.  According to Shigeru Miyamoto the game was simply mirrored, flipped completely, to enhance the sword combat.  Since the player will be using their right hand to swipe, the game was originally designed to have enemies attack the player from the left, so it was easier to just flip the game’s display horizontally.  Interestingly enough, Link will be left-handed in the Gamecube version of the game, and all of the maps will be left in their original form. 

Thanks to Maxcon for the find!

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‘Super Paper Mario’ and ‘DK Bongo Blast’ Officially Moved to Wii.

WiiNo, it’s not old news–it’s a week old rumor confirmed!  Game Informer did some peeking around Nintendo’s Offical Japanese Wii site and found some interesting info.  They list over 100 titles in development for the console including ‘Animal Crossing’, ‘Kirby’ and a “Gun Shooting Game” from Sega.  It also lists two new first party titles called “Forever Blue” and “Eye Shield 21”.


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Gaming Archaeology: Totaka’s Song

Quirky Nintendo music composer Kazumi Totaka has a 19-note tune that he likes to hide in his games. Have you heard it? Do you know how pervasive it is? Is it still hiding in yet-to-be discovered places? [Read the rest of this entry…]

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Nintendo’s official Wii website updated

WiiFollow the Japanese and North American press conferences held in the past 24 hours Nintendo’s official Wii website has launched providing some great video coverage of features, information on games and technical specifications of the system too boring to be detailed at a press conference.

WiimoteMovies featuring a user interaction with a number of features of the Wii channel give a good insight into what the menus and such will look like. The fact that wide screen displays are used in all these shows great promise for the possibility of widescreen support for many titles. This page gives a nice explanation of many of the services offered.

We get a nice rundown of some choice games. Wii Sports, Zelda, Wario Ware, Excite Truck, Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid, Mario Strikers, Big Brain Academy and Batalion Wars are featured. There’s also another 42 games listed to be released by March 2007.

The Japanese version of the page features a great video combining clips of many games and some bozos playing them.

Now some noteable things about the Wii’s hardware.

– It’s tiny
– Wireless capable out of the box using a wireless 802.11 b or g
– Can be networked using a USB 2.0 LAN adapter which I figure is something you plug into one of the USB slots to accept an ethernet cable that does not seem to be included with the system
– Backwards compatible with Gamecube games, 4 controllers and 2 memory cards (which will hopefully support the Microphone peripherals)
– Stadard DVD sized discs for games
– 4 Wii remote capacity
– SD memory card slot
– AV Multi-output port for component, composite or S-video which, if as described is a single port, is not the same port we’ve seen on the SNES, N64 and Gamecube alike. Great to see them supporting component video again after removing it from later models of the Gamecube

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GameCube: A Video History That Never Was

“The Nintendo Difference” – a promo video released before the GameCube launch, with a lot of footage of games like Raven Blade and Donkey Kong Racing that never came out, in addition to a look at Kameo (which eventually came out on Xbox360) and some clearly pre-rendered concepts of Mario Kart and Metroid Prime alongside the infamous Legend Of Zelda Link/Gannondorf fight.
[Read the rest of this entry…]

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