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Reminder: MattyCollector Day for January 2011 – Vikor, Eternian Palace Guards, Goddess and more

This is a reminder to all Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC) and Ghostbusters collectors that today is MattyCollector Day! Starting at Noon EST the following items will go up for sale:
MOTUC Vikor, He-Man of the North
MOTUC Eternian Palace Guards
MOTUC Goddess (Not a reissue, just leftover stock)
MOTUC Grayskull stands
Ghostbusters Courtroom Peter Venkman with ghost (Nunzio Scoleri)

Please note that Evil-Lynn will no longer be offered this month. She has been postponed and some leftover stock of the Goddess will be put on sale instead.

(Sorry didn’t have time to put together the other images for today!)

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MOTU Classics updated schedule, Catra, and latest TRU 2-pack announced

Good news for Masters of the Universe (MOTU) Classics collectors. The latest issue of ToyFare revealed the May Club Eternia figure available exclusively on (until all the e-tailers buy them up and sell them for marked up prices). The May figure will be She-Ra’s nemesis Catra. Catra will have both a grey and a red mask to pay tribute to the vintage figure and the cartoon, respectively. Matty’s facebook page showed the rear view of the Catra figure, while you’ll need to pick up the latest ToyFare to see the full frontal (or click the picture on the right). Also announced in ToyFare is that the next DC Universe vs. MOTU Classics 2-pack will be Green Lantern and Zodac (classic white guy, not Zodak, the black guy from 200x sadly). In addition to all this great news, Matty’s facebook page also gave us the skinny on the upcoming release schedule including reissues. Looks like they are going to start doubling up on reissues. Good news for those catching up. Bad news for their wallets.

Here’s the release from Facebook:

Hey He-Fans and She-Ravers,

We’re a little behind getting the latest release info posted on the product pages. We just revealed the latest MOTUC Club Eternia figure – Catra – coming this May only on You can see a full image of her in Toy Fare magazine, on sale now! (along with the next DCU vs MOTU 2 pack, Zodac vs Greeen Lantern!)

You can see the updated release schedule after the jump!
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MOTUC Mo-Larr set back on sale at on Monday 1/10

Attention all Masters of the Universe and/or Robot Chicken fans! The Mo-Larr vs Toothless Skeletor 2-pack will be back on sale at on Monday January 10th (tomorrow!). The sale will start at the same Matty time, same Matty channel. Noon EST. The sale celebrates the launch of the next season of Robot Chicken which features two new sketches featuring Mo-Larr. The premiere on January 9th (tonight) and the secret origin of Mo-Larr on January 16th. Two new videos were released along with the announcement (above, and after the jump) showing some of the Robot Chicken guys, MOTU brand manager Scott Neitlich and designer Ben Benecke from Mattel. This new stock apparently was originally set aside for Cartoon Network.

You can order Mo-Larr here. There is a limit of 6 per person.

Another video after the jump.
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DC Universe Classics Wave 17 is Blackest Night

I know this news has been out for a while, but I’m trying to catch up on news I missed during the busy holiday/year end period. I’m not a big DCUC collector, but I have to admit, this is one tempting wave. From the facebook reveal:

Well the rumors this time are true! Wave 17 for DCUC is coming soon and it is our first step into the Blackest Night!

While we do have more Blackest Night concepts in the wings, this wave should help whet fans appetite for all the colored Lantern goodness!

Wave 17 will consist of Orange Lantern Luthor, Yellow Lantern Scarecrow, White Lantern Hal Jordan (with Black Lantern Variant), Violet Lantern Wonder Woman, Blue Lantern Flash and Indigo Lantern Atom. Together they will create a Collect and Connect modern Anti-Monitor!

And to answer the inevitable question, we did look into Red Lantern Mera. The only way to do her right is with a 100% tool and for that cost we can do 4 other figures. So while she did not make the cut this time around, we do know fans want complete sets and we are committed to one day getting her out there!

For now, a very happy holidays from all of your friends at and we’ll see you all in the New Year. Wave 17 will be on sale in late Spring 2011!


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PowetToys: 2010 Year in Review

The year is wrapping up and I figured that this would be the perfect time to take a look back at some of the year’s highlights.
Think I missed an announcement or important piece of news? Discuss it in the comments! I love to hear what you all have to say.

There are a couple of images that don’t appear to have been encoded properly by YouTube during the Highs/Lows segment. The original video was fine and I could not upload it again to YouTube because they said it was a dupe. Imagine the Battle Beast Minimate with a caption of “I want to buy you!”

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Reminder: MattyCollector Day for December – MOTU Classics Buzz Off, 12 inch Superman and Zod and more

Its time for another Matty-pocalypse! Holiday Edition. Up for purchase this month is MOTU Classics Buzz Off featuring lots of new tooling, a JLU 2-pack featuring Darkseid and a brand new Kalibak. Matty will also have two new offerings in the 12 inch scale, Superman and his movie nemesis, Zod. Each will be sold separately with cloth outfits and plenty of accessories!

Remember to use this page to order your items!

Some additional images appear after the jump. For more, go to ahead of the sale.
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April 2010 MOTU Classics figure announced – Sy-Klone

It looks like ToyFare got another world premiere exclusive from Mattel to announce and show off the April 2010 MOTU Classics figure, Sy-Klone. This issue of ToyFare is not actually out until next week, but subscribers to the magazine have started to receive their copies. We are not permitted to post pictures of the figure until the issue is actually on sale at retailers, so I posted the blurb immediately next to Sy-Klone. Be sure you click on it to see the text in its full glory. Seriously. Its a great font. He looks very much like the original version with the large red ring on his back from the 200x incarnation of the character. No word if he will have his spinning gimmick included. Unlikely, but after Roboto’s moving gears, I’d believe anything. It looks pretty great. Far better than I expected. Be sure to leave a comment after the jump to let us know what you think of Sy-Klone.

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MattyCollector Cyber Monday Sale

Over the past month or so, has been announcing items that will be up for purchase during a special Cyber-Monday sale on their web site of ultimate rage. Board member Rabban summed it up quite well in his forum post here. See below for the details from his post.

Sale Starts: Monday, November 29th at 9 AM PT
Sale Ends: Sunday, December 5th at 11:59 PM PT
Extra Savings Day: Monday, November 29th ONLY 9 AM PT – 11:59 PM PT. Save 10% off every order over $100 (excluding taxes and fees). All products must be purchased during the same transaction and shipped to a single address.

Product List:
MOTUC Skeletor®
MOTUC Battle Cat®
JLU Lobo
JLU “Shazam!” Family 4-Pack
JLU Doom Patrol 4-Pack
JLU Legion of Super Heroes 4-Pack
JLU Gotham City Criminals 4-Pack
JLU Justice Guild 4-Pack
12″ Ray Stantz™ Figure
12″ Egon Spengler™ Figure (with trap)
12” Peter Venkman™ Figure
12” Winston Zeddemore™ Figure
Adam Strange and Starfire Figures 2 Pack
Alexander Luthor and Ultraman Figures 2 Pack
Justice in the Jungle: B’Wana Beast and Animal Man Figures 2 Pack
Infinite Heroes Crisis 4-Pack
Ghostbusters™ 6” Peter Venkman™ Figure (with Slimer)
Ghostbusters™ 6″ Ray Stantz™ Figure (with Subway Ghost)
Ghostbusters™ 6″ Winston Zeddemore™ Figure (with trap)
Ghostbusters™ 6” Walter Peck™ Figure (with containment unit)
DC Universe Classics The Color of Fear: Romat-Ru and Karu-Sil 2-pack
6″ Superman
6″ Flight Stands
DC Universe Classics Figure Stands
Justice League Unlimited Figure Stands
Infinite Heroes Figure Stands

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