This is your monthly reminder, collectors, that today is MattyCollector day. At Noon time Eastern Standard Time, will post three new items for sale. This month’s exclusives are Chief Carnivus, the MOTU Classics Club Eternia figure for September, Gygor, the MOTU Classics quarterly oversized creature, and finally the Ghostbusters figure, Egon Spengler and a big ol’ stack of books.

Pictures are after the jump.

Remember to go here when refreshing at noon so you can order all items at once and save time.

Carnivus_Listing_01 Carnivus_Listing_02 Carnivus_Listing_03 Carnivus_Listing_04 Carnivus_Listing_05 Gygor_Listing_01 Gygor_Listing_02 Gygor_Listing_03 Gygor_Listing_05 Gygor_Listing_06 Spengler_Listing_01 Spengler_Listing_03 Spengler_Listing_04 Spengler_Listing_05 Spengler_Listing_06