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PowetToys: 2010 Year in Review

The year is wrapping up and I figured that this would be the perfect time to take a look back at some of the year’s highlights.
Think I missed an announcement or important piece of news? Discuss it in the comments! I love to hear what you all have to say.

There are a couple of images that don’t appear to have been encoded properly by YouTube during the Highs/Lows segment. The original video was fine and I could not upload it again to YouTube because they said it was a dupe. Imagine the Battle Beast Minimate with a caption of “I want to buy you!”

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Reminder: MattyCollector Day for December – MOTU Classics Buzz Off, 12 inch Superman and Zod and more

Its time for another Matty-pocalypse! Holiday Edition. Up for purchase this month is MOTU Classics Buzz Off featuring lots of new tooling, a JLU 2-pack featuring Darkseid and a brand new Kalibak. Matty will also have two new offerings in the 12 inch scale, Superman and his movie nemesis, Zod. Each will be sold separately with cloth outfits and plenty of accessories!

Remember to use this page to order your items!

Some additional images appear after the jump. For more, go to ahead of the sale.
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MattyCollector Cyber Monday Sale

Over the past month or so, has been announcing items that will be up for purchase during a special Cyber-Monday sale on their web site of ultimate rage. Board member Rabban summed it up quite well in his forum post here. See below for the details from his post.

Sale Starts: Monday, November 29th at 9 AM PT
Sale Ends: Sunday, December 5th at 11:59 PM PT
Extra Savings Day: Monday, November 29th ONLY 9 AM PT – 11:59 PM PT. Save 10% off every order over $100 (excluding taxes and fees). All products must be purchased during the same transaction and shipped to a single address.

Product List:
MOTUC Skeletor®
MOTUC Battle Cat®
JLU Lobo
JLU “Shazam!” Family 4-Pack
JLU Doom Patrol 4-Pack
JLU Legion of Super Heroes 4-Pack
JLU Gotham City Criminals 4-Pack
JLU Justice Guild 4-Pack
12″ Ray Stantz™ Figure
12″ Egon Spengler™ Figure (with trap)
12” Peter Venkman™ Figure
12” Winston Zeddemore™ Figure
Adam Strange and Starfire Figures 2 Pack
Alexander Luthor and Ultraman Figures 2 Pack
Justice in the Jungle: B’Wana Beast and Animal Man Figures 2 Pack
Infinite Heroes Crisis 4-Pack
Ghostbusters™ 6” Peter Venkman™ Figure (with Slimer)
Ghostbusters™ 6″ Ray Stantz™ Figure (with Subway Ghost)
Ghostbusters™ 6″ Winston Zeddemore™ Figure (with trap)
Ghostbusters™ 6” Walter Peck™ Figure (with containment unit)
DC Universe Classics The Color of Fear: Romat-Ru and Karu-Sil 2-pack
6″ Superman
6″ Flight Stands
DC Universe Classics Figure Stands
Justice League Unlimited Figure Stands
Infinite Heroes Figure Stands

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Powet Toys: DCUC Plastic Man

plasticman Plastic Man is a figure based on on the DC Universe character. He was available at San Diego ComiCon and then only in limited numbers on

While his limited availability makes him hard to come by, the completely unique mold and originality of the features makes him a highly collectible figure. If you can find him, he’s worth any reasonable price.

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Reminder: Mattel 2010 SDCC Exclusives on sale at MattyCollector today

A reminder to fans of any Mattel products. Today at 12 Noon EST, will have all of their 2010 SDCC exclusive items up for sale. Here is the link to full order page for easier ordering. Here is a list of what will be on sale:
Orko w/ Prince Adam (this is not the color-changing orko)
Mo-Larr/Skeletor MOTUC 2-pack
DCUC Plastic Man figure (without the suitcase accessory)
JLU Starro the Conqueror boxed set (will not include Starro spores for 6 inch figures)
Cars Toon Tokyo Mater
Retro-Action Real Ghostbusters Peter Venkman
Toy Story 3 Disney/Pixar Collection Lotso
WWE Undertaker
Avatar Jake Sully vs Colonel Miles Quaritch Figures

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SDCC 2010: Mattel’s DCUC, DCIH, Green Lantern Classics and more

There were lots of announcements on the DC front from Mattel. To see the full Mattypalooza panel that mostly focused on Ghostbusters, MOTU, and DC Universe, you can go here.

What was revealed at the panel for DC product in the Mattypalooza panel was almost entirely exclusive to

Mattel held a separate panel just for DC Universe Classics and Green Lantern classics. You can watch the actual panel here and look below for highlights. I found it amusing that the first thing said in the DC Universe panel was that there would be more reveals in five minutes of this panel than there were in all the Hasbro panels. It makes me sad that he’s not far off the mark.

Continue on after the jump for more details.
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Reminder: July MattyCollector Day – Count Marzo, DCUC Wave 13

A reminder to all collectors that today is MattyCollector Day for July 2010. On sale today at noon EST will be Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC) Count Marzo, joined by DC Universe Classics (DCUC) Wave 13. This wave consists of Wonder Girl, Superboy, Cheetah (both modern and classic), Blue Devil, Cyclotron, Negative Man, Blue Beetle (modern, Jaime Reyes) and the Collect n’ Connect figure is Trigon.

Pictures are after the jump.

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Reminder: MattyCollector Day for June – She-Ra, Keldor, Faker, JLU Lobo and more

Here it is. Your monthly MattyCollector Day reminder.

Start taking deep breaths because this month is another perfect storm of releases featuring the much anticipated Masters of the Universe Classics edition of She-Ra, followed by the MOTUC Bonus figure, Keldor and the reissue of the limited release Faker. Not only that, but MattyCollector is experimenting with their JLU offerings. Having considered the 3-packs a failure on the site, they are now offering a larger carded single figure in the form of Lobo. He will be a test to see how single oversized figures fare on sale day with a ridiculous price of $20. Have fun with that JLU collectors. Ghostbusters collectors will have the opportunity to purchase the slimed Peter Venkman figure with Slimer.

And what is sure to be a big hit for the site is the re-release offering of DC Universe Classics wave 5 as a set. This was the extremely difficult to find Wal-Mart exclusive Metallo wave.

Remember to use this handy page when ordering!

Pictures after the jump!
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