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Powet Robots: The disgraceful Optimus Prime

Powet Robots: The disgraceful Optimus Prime

In this special episode of Powet Robots we look at one of the most iconic robots in the world, Optimus Prime, but this look has a special twist as we look at just how horrible a person movie Optimus Prime really is.

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Beast Wars Megatron sings a Christmas Carol

Beast Wars Megatron voiced by David Kaye

Here’s “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”, by David Kaye using the voice of Beast Wars Megatron.

Update: Keep reading to see a fan made animation of Megatron that goes along with these words.

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Beast Machines Transformers: 10 Years Later Video

Yes its true, November 17 in the year 2000 was the US air date of the final episode of Beast Machines.

And even though it has been a decade since the most controversial Transformers series, it still feels like a turning point in the saga. But really it was the end of the saga.

Some credit for this video goes to Mr. Plinkett, who taught me that if you hate something enough, you can talk about it.

If you didn’t think the above video ruined the show for you, it is currently available on DVD.

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