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Botcon 2013 Exclusive Obsidian revealed


Due to a scheduling error, we are running a little behind in our week of Botcon reveals, so here is another! Obsidian!
Obsidian, like Strika, is another character from Beast Machines ported back to Machine Wars in his former Autobot glory. Obsidian uses the Hunt for the Decepticons Highbrow mold with a newly tooled head. He looks pretty great in robot mode, especially with those rotors on his arms like his Beast Machines design. The alternate mode is a bit more of a departure considering Obsidian was a helicopter in Beast Machines.

obsidianHEADweb obsidianBOTwebSM

Here is a side by side by of the toys for Strika and Obsidian from Beast Machines.


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Botcon 2013 Exclusive Strika revealed


Continuing our week of Botcon 2013 convention exclusive reveals, our third figure in the set is Strika. A bit of a surprise that this character was chosen since she was actually from Beast Machines, but I guess they are making some sort of connection because they both have ‘Machines’ in the title. Whatever works, I guess. She is shown here as an Autobot so this would take place before Beast Machines. She uses the Generations Warpath mold with a great deal of deco and a newly sculpted head.

strikaBOTweb strikaHEADweb

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Beast Machines Transformers: 10 Years Later Video

Yes its true, November 17 in the year 2000 was the US air date of the final episode of Beast Machines.

And even though it has been a decade since the most controversial Transformers series, it still feels like a turning point in the saga. But really it was the end of the saga.

Some credit for this video goes to Mr. Plinkett, who taught me that if you hate something enough, you can talk about it.

If you didn’t think the above video ruined the show for you, it is currently available on DVD.

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