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Powet Candy – Diabetic Edition

Nintendo Candy
I review a butt ton of Nintendo themes candy, and give myself diabetes in the process.

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Super Mario Sucker Review

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Donkey Kong Candy Dispenser Review

Donkey Kong Candy Continuing with’s vigiliance to review as many crappy Nintendo candy products such as possible such as the Nintendo Power Mints and Gameboy Advance Gummies we take a look at this Donkey Kong “Klik” candy dispenser from the hard working folks at “au’some candies”.

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Game Boy Advance Gummies!!!

Following in the trend of Zac’s review of the Nintendo Power mints here’s an in depth review of Game Boy Advance Gummies!!!

These gummies were bought at Toys R Us in the R Zone near the cash. The cost was 1.49$ Canadian.

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