Jamestown is an independently developed bullet hell game. Developed and financed over a 2 year period by a three person team, Jamestown tells the tale of an alternate reality 17th century where the British are at conflict with the Spanish over colonies being established on Mars. In a deviation from our history books, the Spanish team up with martian aliens to wreak havoc on the British. Your character is a former prisoner saved from execution who sets out to clear his name. There are only 5 levels, but they are challenging and many of them have to be unlocked. You can use money earned during the missions to upgrade your ship. Up to 4 players can join you locally, and players will enjoy the beautiful graphics and twitch gameplay. Jamestown was included in Humble Indie Bundle 4, and it has downloadable content available for it on Steam. Fans of old-school shooters will love it, and if you got 3 friends, the co-op makes it even better.