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Powetcast: Live From Botcon 2011

Sean, aDam, Crazy, and many guests recap their weekend in Pasadena attending Botcon. Yeah, there are a few in-jokes.
But you’ll also hear about the Hall of Fame, the exclusives, the live script reading and celebrity sightings!
Listen live on this page, or subscribe via RSS or iTunes.
Direct Link: Powetcast: Live From Botcon 2011

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BotCon 2011: Activision’s New Licenses

Powet.TV has cracked the code for the success of the War for Cybertron, and potential awesomeness for the Dark of the Moon game. We come up with about a dozen more properties that Activision should seriously consider adding to their stable:

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BotCon 2011: KRE-O Transformers

We talk about the new KRE-O Tranformers with brand manager Colleen Doody.

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BotCon 2011: Day 1 Report

aDam and SeanOrange run down the events of the first two days of the convention.


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BotCon 2011: Convention Exclusives

We’ve already had plenty of coverage for the main set of exclusives, the Animated Stunticons. Motormaster. Dead End. Breakdown. Wildrider. Dragstrip.

The convention attendee exclusive is Animated Fisitron (think IronFist from IDW’s Last Stand of the Wreckers). He uses the Ratchet/Ironhide mold featuring a new head sculpt.

More exclusives and pictures after the break!

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BotCon 2011 Coverage Round-up

This weekend, June 2nd – 5th, several staff and forum members will be attending Botcon 2011 in Pasadena, California. Botcon is the official Transformers fan convention featuring celebrity guests, exhibition hall/dealer’s room, artist alley, both industry and fan panels and much more. We will be covering the convention, posting news and videos and updating this post with links to all of the coverage in one handy spot for you, the fans, to keep bookmarked!

Banner image from here. Apparently it will be available as a print at one of the tables at Botcon.


BotCon 2011: Day 1 Report
BotCon 2011: Convention Exclusives
BotCon 2011: KRE-O Transformers
BotCon 2011: Activision’s New Game Licenses
Powetcast: Live from BotCon 2011
Sean Long Shares a Cool Story, Bro

Botcon 2011: Crazy’s BotCon Haul Part 1 – Transformers United Grapple
Botcon 2011: Crazy’s BotCon Haul Part 2 – Animated Ironfist, Fisitron, AutoTrooper
Botcon 2011: Crazy’s BotCon Haul Part 3 – Transformers G1 Top Spin and Twin Twist

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Botcon 2011 press release issued


TRANSFORMERS Fans From Around the World to Experience “MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE” Brand Exhibition Of The Epic Global Entertainment Franchise

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (May 31, 2011) – Thousands of fans from around the world will celebrate the enduring popularity of the iconic TRANSFORMERS brand from Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS), as the 2011 TRANSFORMERS fan convention known as “BOTCON” returns to Pasadena on June 4-5. Less than a month before the highly anticipated debut of the new Paramount Pictures film TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON, Hasbro, in partnership with The TRANSFORMERS Collectors’ Club, will be offering opportunities to engage in and learn about the TRANSFORMERS brand that can only be experienced at BOTCON.

Attendees will be able to preview upcoming and yet-to-be seen TRANSFORMERS toys from Hasbro’s 2011 product line, including movie toys and figures based on the TRANSFORMERS PRIME animated series as well as interact with TRANSFORMERS toy designers. BOTCON will also be fans’ first time to see, in person, Hasbro’s new KRE-O line of construction sets based on classic TRANSFORMERS characters and attendees will have the opportunity for a chance to win a limited amount of KRE-O TRANSFORMERS toys before they go on sale. Convention goers can also attend panel discussions and interactive workshops led by TRANSFORMERS experts, purchase exclusive TRANSFORMERS products sold only at this year’s convention and buy, sell or trade TRANSFORMERS toys from hundreds of dealers.

You can see the full release after the break.
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Transformers Hall of Fame 2011 Human Inductees announced; Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg

Hasbro has just sent out a press release revealing the two human inductees for this year’s Transformers Hall of Fame induction ceremony held at the annual Transformers convention Botcon. The inductees will be Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg for their contributions to the Transformers live-action movie franchise. Known robot inductees will include Ratchet, Ironhide, Soundwave and the winner of the fan poll. The fan poll finalists included Grimlock, Jazz, Erector, Waspinator and Shockwave. Oh man, please do not let Erector win. We’ll find out for sure on June 4th, 2011, the date of the induction ceremony. See you there, poweteers!

Press Release after the jump!
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