This weekend, June 2nd – 5th, several staff and forum members will be attending Botcon 2011 in Pasadena, California. Botcon is the official Transformers fan convention featuring celebrity guests, exhibition hall/dealer’s room, artist alley, both industry and fan panels and much more. We will be covering the convention, posting news and videos and updating this post with links to all of the coverage in one handy spot for you, the fans, to keep bookmarked!

Banner image from here. Apparently it will be available as a print at one of the tables at Botcon.


BotCon 2011: Day 1 Report
BotCon 2011: Convention Exclusives
BotCon 2011: KRE-O Transformers
BotCon 2011: Activision’s New Game Licenses
Powetcast: Live from BotCon 2011
Sean Long Shares a Cool Story, Bro

Botcon 2011: Crazy’s BotCon Haul Part 1 – Transformers United Grapple
Botcon 2011: Crazy’s BotCon Haul Part 2 – Animated Ironfist, Fisitron, AutoTrooper
Botcon 2011: Crazy’s BotCon Haul Part 3 – Transformers G1 Top Spin and Twin Twist