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Bill Murray makes a “Cool Story Bro” joke decades early

Bill Murray drops the original "Cool Story Bro" with "Beautiful story.  Tell Reader's Digest, will ya?" in Scrooged

Many have debated the origin of the term “Cool Story Bro”. While specific usage of those words seems to be restricted to the past 5 or so years, the first usage of the quote is often attributed to the 2001 movie Zoolander, as a character says “Cool story, Hansel”. Here we have Bill Murray’s character Frank Cross saying “Beautiful story. Tell Reader’s Digest, will ya?” to a man who’s objecting to the idea of stapling antlers to a mouse, played by Ralph Gervais.

Download an mp3 of Bill Murray saying “Beautiful story. Tell Reader’s Digest, will ya?” in Scrooged.

One might be tempted to attribute the quote to the film’s writers Mitch Glazer and Michael O’Donoghue, but a quick look over the script indicates that it may have been an ad lib, as the original quote is just “Go tell Reader’s Digest!”. An earlier version of the script doesn’t have that part of the exchange at all (see page 43). Of course we can’t discount the possibility of further script rewrites or improper transcription for the online copy.

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Sean Long shares a cool story, bro

Internet superstar Sean Long tells Ernie a cool story, bro

What up Transformer fans?

This year at Botcon 2011 we tracked down the incomparable Sean Long, star of the Internet, and got him to take some time off from making Transformer videos that only show his hands and asking questions at panels to share a cool story with Ernie, bro.

But wait! Back in 2009 we also got a chance to interview Sean Long, but never used the clip out of laziness! The audio quality is, in a word, shitty. The only person you can really make out is Caren who’s not actually in front of the camera. If only I had a mic port on my camera… Enjoy this blast from the past!

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BotCon 2011: Activision’s New Licenses

Powet.TV has cracked the code for the success of the War for Cybertron, and potential awesomeness for the Dark of the Moon game. We come up with about a dozen more properties that Activision should seriously consider adding to their stable:

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