We’ve already had plenty of coverage for the main set of exclusives, the Animated Stunticons. Motormaster. Dead End. Breakdown. Wildrider. Dragstrip.

The convention attendee exclusive is Animated Fisitron (think IronFist from IDW’s Last Stand of the Wreckers). He uses the Ratchet/Ironhide mold featuring a new head sculpt.

More exclusives and pictures after the break!

Souvenir Set #1
There were three souvenir sets this year. Two of them were Transformers Animated related, while the third was a Shattered Glass. The first set was comprised of Animated Sideswipe in Generation 2 color scheme using the Animated Rodimus mold with the newly tooled Breakdown head.

The other figure in that souvenir pack was Toxitron, a rather toxic color schemed reuse of the Animated Voyager Optimus Prime mold.

Souvenir Set #2
The second set featured Shattered Glass Galavatron, which uses the Cybertron Evac mold with no retooling.

The second figure in this set was quite popular. Shattered Glass Thundercracker uses the exotic color scheme from Action Master Thundercracker. He can be seen in the banner of this post. I will add in a couple more pictures of him when I have a moment.

Souvenir Set #3

The third set was the troop builder set. It was comprised of 3 of the same figure, the Autotroopers. The Autotroopers utilized the same mold and head tooling as Fisitron/IronFist with the appropriate color scheme.