If you were living under a rock this weekend and missed Blizzcon 2010, then you’d also have missed out on the announcement of the 5th and final player class for Diablo III: the Demon Hunter.

The Demon Hunter will be a duel-crossbow wielding character that looks like will be the substitute for the Rogue class from the first Diablo, and a cross between the Amazon and Assassin classes from the second game. Not much else has been discussed about the Demon Hunter’s gameplay or in-depth abilities skills other than a few including “molten arrow” and “granade”, but I guess Blizzard can’t drop everything at once; what with a release date still having not been mentioned yet.

Also revealed for Diablo III was a ranked PvP Arena Battle mode for the game, that pits teams of 3 against each other. Battle.net will matachmake players of similar level and rank to make battles more evenly challenged, and will reward character with achievements (much like Starcraft 2 has) and special titles.