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My Pet Monster DVD and Live Action Movie Review

My Pet Monster DVD and Live Action Movie Review

Monzie himself here to review the new My Pet Monster DVD set, and talk about a hidden gem, a live action My Pet Monster movie that actually predates the animated series.

This DVD set is a Canadian exclusive, but it can still be ordered through the Canadian Amazon.

Anyway… check out these My Pet Monster cookies I made…
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Transformers Animated Movie Blu-Ray Review

Transformers the Movie Blu-Ray

You can buy the Blu-Ray disc from for a reasonable price. They will ship to North America, and the disc will play on Blu-Ray players here too. Mine worked on a North American PS3.

Transformers the Movie Blu-Ray Cover Transformers the Movie 20th Anniversary Edition DVD Cover

Note that the cover art shown on the website shows the “Ultimate Edition” 2 disc version with 5 hours of extras and with a PG rating, as opposed to what I have which is a single disc, no extras version that is rated U. I ordered my disc on that same site so you may or may not end up with something better than I got. I did not notice this discrepancy when I shot this video, and was not aware of the art and extras listed when I ordered this.

Watch Zac’s review of the 20th Anniversary Edition DVD that came out in 2006

Animal Crossing Movie Review

Animal Crossing Movie

You can get the movie through one of the links below:
Amazon Japan

Note that you will need a region 2 or region free DVD player to play this movie.

Blade: House of Chthon DVD Review

Blade: House of Chthon DVD Review
A review of the DVD for the pilot episode of Blade the Series.

Blade: House of Chthon DVD

Thanks to Janine for getting bit to make this video better.

Cutie Honey Movie Review

Cutie Honey
A very sexy review of the Cutie Honey movie and DVD.

Purchase either just the movie or the super lunch box set
Cutie Honey DVD . Cutie Honey Lunch Box DVD

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Limited Edition Collector’s Set DVD Review

Yuffie Kisaragi
A new box set was recently released for this movie which is based on the ever popular Final Fantasy VII PlayStation video game and it even includes the rare Final Fantasy VII Advent Rising anime special. Is it worth getting? Check out what Cloud has to say in this review to find out if this set’s right for you.

Buy the DVD set from Amazon

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Batman Begins HD DVD Review

In this review Batman himself talks about the Batman Begins HD DVD as well as some features of HD DVDs in general.

Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, Overview

We first reported on the Richard Donner Cut way back in July, and today we are pleased to cover the final product!

Show Notes:
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