Transformers the Movie Blu-Ray

You can buy the Blu-Ray disc from for a reasonable price. They will ship to North America, and the disc will play on Blu-Ray players here too. Mine worked on a North American PS3.

Transformers the Movie Blu-Ray Cover Transformers the Movie 20th Anniversary Edition DVD Cover

Note that the cover art shown on the website shows the “Ultimate Edition” 2 disc version with 5 hours of extras and with a PG rating, as opposed to what I have which is a single disc, no extras version that is rated U. I ordered my disc on that same site so you may or may not end up with something better than I got. I did not notice this discrepancy when I shot this video, and was not aware of the art and extras listed when I ordered this.

Watch Zac’s review of the 20th Anniversary Edition DVD that came out in 2006