smr.gifWhile roms and emulators are a sticky topic to discuss, I thought this was too good to pass up. Browsing 4chan, I found a hack provided by which gives us Super Metroid, but totally reimagined. The entire game’s layout is different. As soon as you land in Crateria, it’s readily obvious. All the items, events and locations have been completely rearranged and the difficulty has been significantly increased as well. In addition to the different gameplay experience, the game physics have been altered as well. The speed at which you drop is faster and wall jumping (which is actual item you must obtain first) has become more fluid.

I’m only an hour in, but I’m definetly going to see this game through to the end. Obviously, I’m only providing the link to the patch for this game, but I’m sure the rom itself and an emulator can be found easily enough. this is internet, afterall.